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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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Remove me from the list if CPJ is hosting.

He's not Edler you know....

so... is this game going to happen?

If/when it does can someone PM me? I don't want to get GK'd and I'm going to be busy the next few days so I might forget to check WN.

nope, someone else is going to host a vanilla game, I'm sure you're mafia so you'll be PMd before that one starts

Anyways, I don't care who hosts, but someone needs to step up

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New Rules


-All players are assigned 1 of 4 classes at the beginning of the game: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Wizard

-Each class has access to abilities of the traditional mafia roles (plus a few surprises) that can be used each nightfall

-The longer a player survives, the more abilities the player gets

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