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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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Okay, anyway, I think the round may end before I next get online, so I'm going to abstain right now. I hate doing it, but there's seriously zero info to go on right now.

If I understand how the classes and levels and stuff seem to work, there should be plenty of info after the first nightfall. My first level power isn't particularly great, but you never know what it might turn up.

My advice for the Town is to use the patented Kryten Method of voting out a chronic lurker if no better option becomes apparent.

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Btw Bassi, I saw in passing through the other thread that you got accepted into SFU, congrats brody beans.

hang out with me on the mountain pls I am so lonely

I will. Won't be living up there, and will often leave on the first chance I get everyday, but I'm sure they'll be some time, lol.

Vote Peaches

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