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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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It's like magic.


Probably because there's NOTHING to discuss.

well thats true, but I was looking for the reasoning of one person to cause someone else to take offense and then have a 3 page argument about it. I was looking for some entrainment....I guess I'll have to hope that there is something more from aladeen (and bdm?).

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I'll throw out some votes now to hopefully get some people talking.

Vote1 KH

Looked through both players' posts and OTTS didn't seem out of the ordinary. I thought KH somehow missing the fact that I've been pretty inactive the past 3 or so games I've played was suspicious.

Vote2 Kryten

Usually he pushes harder to get people talking in round 1 by putting the pressure on. A joke vote for MR when MR said he might not be back the rest of the round strikes me as not his usual TP MO.

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