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A little early to be talking about this probably but I'm struggling a bit here...

I've been on multiple Canucks road trips and never used a rental car, I really don't wanna do that since I wanna be able to drink at the games but here's the pickle I'm in.

I've decided to go to @Kings Nov 8 and @Ducks Nov 9. Flights are already organized and I've been to Staples Center in the playoffs but my main goal is to cross Honda Center off my list of arenas.

For the life of me I can't work this out, I know transit isn't great in LA but I used it during the playoffs from Hollywood and it seemed fine then. I'm arriving at like 3pm on the 8th and my goal is to not end up driving all across the city to do this, I don't mind swapping hotels after 1 night either.

My thought was get a hotel near Staples(ish) for the 1 night, then drive to ANA the next morning and stay at a place near Honda Center (there's an extended stay America within like a 5 minute walk that I was thinking of). I know loads of people make this trip every year, but do you have somewhere central to stay? Is there some kinda trick to avoiding a rental car? Just maybe looking for any advice. I also wanna try and keep this budget, nothing bugs me more than spending a bunch of money on a hotel where all I'm doing is crashing at the end of the day. I've been to so many road games and have never had such a hard time working this out but SoCal might be my downfall!

Forgot to note, in an effort to make this easier on myself I'm flying IN to LAX and out from SNA (which is much closer to Honda Center) so I'd rather not just stay 2 nights at LAX and commute.

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I lived near Los Angeles my whole life up until about a month ago, so I can probably help you a bit here.

As far as transportation, LA is pretty bad, minus the metrolink, which unfortunately will not help you at all in this situation. It runs right by the stadium, however, that wont really help you get from the airport to the stadium, or from Staples to Honda Center, and the Metrolink stops running pretty early in the evening. For a massive city, LA really has horrible public transportation. It's a shame they can be like New York with a great Subway system, or San Francisco with BART or Seattle with the Link rail. Anywho that was my off topic I don't miss LA rant. I highly recommend a rental car, and there's almost no way around it. Will almost for sure be your cheapest options, and there's a plethora of rental car places near the airport.

My personal recommendation, since you are arriving the day of the game against the Kings, after the game, I would drive out to Anaheim, and stay in a hotel by the Honda Center. There are several hotels within a half mile, and you can find a few of them pretty cheap, especially since its November and no one stays in hotels in November (I also just so happen to work in the hotel business, so I am aware of this as well). The drive from Staples to Honda is probably 45 minutes with no traffic, and at 10pm you should hit minimal traffic and be in Anaheim by 11-11:30 at the latest. Not to mention, there are tons of fun things to do near Honda Center during the day so you can kill time. So personal recommendation from someone who knows the area is 100% rental car, and assuming you are willing to drive 45 minutes late at night, 100% stay near Honda Center. If you need any other help or advice, let me know.

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Thanks for the advice, I was hoping you'd have some brilliant solution but I figured if there was I would've found it already since I've managed to do that everywhere else...(see storing a bag in the Philly train station, then training to the airport to pass out on the floor overnight...or training from MSP to mall of America train/bus to Xcel Energy, then back to grab my bag and crash on yet another airport floor lol).

I'm definitely toying with your suggestion as it seems like the best. The hotel by Honda Center is pretty perfect for me, reasonably priced and within walking distance. I don't mind driving late at night after the Kings game my only caveats are, I HATTEEEEE paying those crazy rates for parking (when I drive to Canucks game I have a stable of freebie spots to avoid those crooks lol). Any parking wisdom by Staples? OR what I was thinking was maybe park at a Metro stop along the route (like a park n ride kinda deal) but I REALLY don't wanna leave a rental car in a nasty neighborhood and not knowing LA very well I wouldn't know where is an ok spot...maybe that's an option if you could shed some light? My other thing is wanting to drink at the game, guess I'll just have to be responsible or sucker someone else into going with me who will be.

So I guess long story short....

1) any wisdom on where to park without spending all night in line and spending a ton of money?

2) better yet, perhaps, some kind of park n ride option?

Thanks dude, as a sidebar, where'd you end up now if you're not in LA anymore just out of curiosity?

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