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A lot of people seriously underestimating De Haan over here. People still think of him as a bust but he was amazing this past year. To those who haven't seen him, he is a great at moving the puck and also has a great first pass. He was quite often the Isles best defenseman and one of the few bright spots in an otherwise poor season. He wasn't particularly sheltered either, I don't need to check the QOC numbers to say that he wasn't really that sheltered either as the rest of the Isles blue line was pretty much terrible. The guy had an amazing year for a rookie, defenseman always take time to develop but CDH has arrived. He just needs to prove it now over a larger sample size.

If I am the Isles I don't consider this deal, Edler would be a nice pickup but at this point it would be redundant to trade a top 4 defenseman to acquire another. I think the Isles would prefer to trade other assets than De Haan, like Nielsen/Pokka/2nd round pick/Grabner/Pulock/Anders Lee/Bailey. Edler I doubt would consider waiving to go to the Isles without seeing some progress from them in the standings.

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