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Mafia: Untitled Vanilla Game - UNPIN PLEASE, PIN OTHER GAME


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If SS wants to defend himself, he's more than welcome to. Also, I said that SS wasn't one of the sheriffs, so unless he's the doctor (if so, save yourself instead), we don't need to worry about the vig accidentally hitting a special.

I'm coming to my own defence. I'm not the doctor.

Edit: Actually my reason for PM was in relation to this game. I asked peaches to clarify how the rounds and voting worked. It's my first CDC mafia game :)

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My bad on the late nightfall folks.

AppleJack was lynched

OurTimeToShine was mafia killed

Dral was killed by the Vig

01. Intoewsables
03. StevenStamkos
04. Bo Hunter Booth
06. g_bassi13
08. Beluga Whale
09. BurrDaMan

11. Virtanen87

12. Kryten


AppleJack [Lynched - TP]

OurTimeToShine [Mafia Killed - TP]

Dral [Vig Killed - Mafia]

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Dral's interactions with SS and Kes look pretty interesting now. Might be asking to have them both investigated.

I am still trying to get over the fact two sheriffs (one obviously fake) contacted you of all people in the first round. What are the odds?

Especially considering you are almost always mafia.

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