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Mafia: Untitled Vanilla Game - UNPIN PLEASE, PIN OTHER GAME


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I was actually disappointed I forgot to try your idea. It might have worked haha.

Thanks for hosting, Peaches. I'm going to take a break for a while as well.

No worries, it all worked out in the end.

But I will never forget, you will rue the day!!!! : )

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and of course that legendary one where Heffy and AT tricked me (we got like 30 pages in one day, it was RIDICULOUS). If someone could link that I'd appreciate it.

What? I get no credit? :(

I don't like to toot my own horn, but if it weren't for me playing Apples like a fiddle the previous round, there wouldn't be that epic last round. All Apples was doing that entire game was voting for himself. I made it interesting by telling him I was the sheriff and to vote for my own mafia teammate out, without them knowing. He then went on a posting rampage for 30 pages, and finally pieced the puzzle together.

Using that blocking feature at AT, from my convo with Apples was something never done in mafia (that I know of) and he, like everybody else almost fell for it.

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1. Dral
2. Virtanen87

3. Bo Hunter Booth

4. Mathew Barzal?

5. StevenStamkos

6. Rick Grimes

(if we hit 20)

7. Peaches

8. AT

9. KH

10. BDM

11. Intoewsables

12. g_bassi13

13. Beluga Whale


14. Go Faulk Yourself

15. One one two

16. OurTimeToShine


18. VICanucksfan5551(he said he might sign up if we get enough interest)

Just 2 more, or 3 because we need a host. I am willing to host if you guys are okay with it, unless someone else wants to host.

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