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Mafia: Untitled Vanilla Game - UNPIN PLEASE, PIN OTHER GAME


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1. Dral
2. Virtanen87

3. Bo Hunter Booth

4. Mathew Barzal?

5. StevenStamkos

6. Rick Grimes

(if we hit 20)

7. Peaches

8. AT

9. KH

10. BDM

11. Intoewsables

12. g_bassi13

13. Beluga Whale


14. Go Faulk Yourself

15. One one two

16. OurTimeToShine


18. VICanucksfan5551(he said he might sign up if we get enough interest)

19. Kryten

20. Mushrooms

That's 20. Anyone want to host?

If no one claims hosting duties, I am willing to host if you guys are okay with a rookie host for this game

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