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(Proposal) Dillion for Tanev


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Kind of hard to have a true assessment at this point, considering he was injured/out for awhile and the sample size isn't really there on a consistent basis.

So how is he over rated? He was defensively sound, willing to do whatever asked to and a +12. Give credit where it's due?

Guess you haven't been following the comments being made about Tanev and the trade value a lot of the over-raters seem assign to Tanev around these parts (and let's not forget about some of the contract values some were prognosticating for Tanev back in May/June).

Kid is good, but he's got his limitations that are going to cap him at an above-average defensive player, below average offensive player (seen his shot? Most AAA minor-bantam players shoot harder than Tanev) and below average physical player. And his lack of physical make up is one of his limitations and as you aptly put it, has resulted in injuries to him (limiting the sample size of his body of work). I'll be surprised if he isn't one of those career injury-prone players, but we'll see how Tanev's health plays out.

Kid is good. Is that enough credit, where credit is due? And perhaps you missed the part in my post where I stated that Tanev does a lot of things well...selective reading/comprehension I see.

And yah, Tanev was a top 4 on the Canucks last year...did you see how good the rest of d-men were on the Canucks last year? Saying the kid is a top 4 on the Canucks last season isn't saying a whole lot.

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Going to go out and guess the whole "Tanev for Dillion" because Dillion is a home town guy and wants to play in his home city night in and night out. I haven't seen to many games with Dillion but I know hes coming off a decent season but 1 decent season isn't going to make all the GM around the league come knocking on Dallas's door for the kid. I think he's still waiting for a contract.


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Dillon is awesome ... better than Tanev. No way I do that if I was Dallas but as a Canuck I would love it.

But Tanev is more skilled than Dillon in every way..

Dillon is bigger and tougher and adds better offence.

Oh ... doh scratch that my bad. I was thinking Daley.

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