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How would you make your perfect sandwich?


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Interesting question, I wonder what the employer is looking to see from the answer. I am sure it would give an insight into how creative, expressive and immaculate a person is so your step 1 is a good start imo. Mine would be in the following order:

Toast sour-dough with cranberries, butter.

Spread garlic/chilli aioli, add turkey breast meat that has been sauteed in garlic/salt/lemon

Add tomato, iceberg lettuce, onions, swiss cheese, guacamole and sauteed mushrooms

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There is no such thing as the perfect sandwich. The great thing about life is the ability to constantly improve and perfect your technique.

The best sandwich would begin with items grown from your garden, meat well sourced, and fresh baked bread. There is extra gratification in knowing your ingredients are a product of your own diligence and efforts.

No single set of ingredients makes for an ideal sandwich but rather that which fits your particular hunger at the time. More than the specific toppings that could be opted for, the perfection comes through the process.

Bam. Management.

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As far as how i would answer the question in the interview I would say:

"First, I get this job based on my qualifications, personality, and how great I answered this question.

Second, I put in some hard work performing the job to the best of my ability and impressions everyone as I picked it up almost instantly and became proficient in the fastest amount of time you've ever seen.

Third, I get my first paycheck direct deposited into my account and upon receipt of the funds I drive down to the local organic market slash deli slash bakery and pick up the following ingredients:

roast beef


chicken breast

turkey pastrami

black forest ham

Lamb Salami

cave aged Gouda

extra sharp white cheddar


horseradish spread

rye bread.

Fourth, I drive back home and unpack my groceries.

Fifth, I take the Rye bread, cut two slices of bread from the middle of the loaf (ensuring the loaf does not stale faster than necessary by making the two halves match in size) and toast it until slightly crunchy on the outside, but still chewy on the inside.

Sixth, I fry up 4 pieces of bacon until perfectly crispy

seventh, I spread the creamy interior of the brie on one slice of bread, and a single dollop of horseradish spread on the other slice of bread.

Eighth, I place the bacon and two slices of each of the meats on the brie slathered piece of bread.

ninth, I place two slices of each of the remaining cheese on the horseradish slathered piece of bread, and then inver that slice and place it on top of the stack of meat on top of the slice of bread slathered with brie.

Tenth, I consume with a perfectly chilled porter firmly poured into a beer snifter to activate a foamy head and release the aromas.

Eleventh, I sit and digest my glorious meal while i contemplate how to enhance my work experience and how to make this company even more profitable and where we can cut expenses."

missing the thousand island sauce.
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