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TMZ Releases Ray Rice Footage


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NFL shouldn't do anything - it didn't happen on the field or in the locker room.

Police should lock him up for a long time tho


Millions upon millions of people are watching a guy KO his partner in a clear and marked case of spousal abuse. By not doing anything they are turning the other cheek which is akin to condoning it.

I agree 100% that a celebrity or athlete's regular life be kept as private as the next persons, but when you see individuals like this doing things like this and then ending up with assault charges weapons charges and more (multiple times NFL and NBA stars have multiple felony charges and convictions and are allowed to just keep doing what they do) then in all honesty something needs to be done.

Think of it like this, what would your boss do if you showed up for work having everyone and their dog know that you just one shot knocked out your partner and then dragged her down the hall like it was a regular thing and no big deal at all.

Regardless of a persons status in life punishment and ostracizing via societal acceptance should be normal. I know if I knocked my wife the hell out nobody would buy my damned jersey after.

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When I saw this today I kinds expected even more backlash from the commissioner giving him a mere 2 game suspension .

my question is ... did the commish see this tape ? or did he just see the first one that was released ?

Apparently both. Good thing he wasn't smoking a joint when he did it or he'd be in real trouble with the NFL.

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yes , I had compassion for the victims of the fappening and you didn't . your a real man .

guessing you feel like rays wife had it coming eh ?

Yep. See what happens when you step into an elevator?

(Most women don't need to be taught not to hang around abusive guys in the 21st century, most women also don't need to be told not to take pictures of their genitals and hold them on a smartphone for them to be taken and distributed -- reality is an effective way of teaching lessons when people refuse to learn them otherwise)

Donald Sterling gets canned for a private conversation inside his home. This guy beats a woman and goes back to daily life like it didn't even happen.

Sterling brought the US back to the days of slavery. Rice just brought it down to Chicago. Therefore Sterling = way worse.

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