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Arrests made in connection with overdose death of Rangers enforcer Derek Boogaard

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Jordan Hart, son of former Isles player Gerry Hart, has been arrested on suspicion of supplying Boogaard with drugs playing role in his death:

Multiple arrests have reportedly been made in connection with the death of former New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard, who died of a drug and alcohol overdose on May 13, 2011. Boogaard was 32-years-old.

As first reported by Duke Castiglione, a sports reporter for Fox 5 news in New York, the DEA's New York drug enforcement task force has arrested two men: Jordan Hart, son of former Islanders defender Gerry Hart and a former AHL and ECHL player in the Islanders system, and Oscar Johnson, a Utah based physicians assistant.

Castiglione is reporting that Johnson is accused of "writing Percocet prescriptions for Jordan Hart on nearly a monthly basis for two years, totaling nearly 3,000 pills."

Fox 5 is also reporting that Hart was supplying Boogaard with the painkillers that caused his death and is facing 20+ years in jail if convicted. He was arrested on Tuesday:


The New York Times has more details:

The indictment charges that Jordan Hart, 31, received the pills through prescriptions from Oscar Johnson, part of the medical staff for the minor league Utah Grizzlies, where Hart played from 2007 to 2009. Johnson prescribed Hart nearly 3,000 pills of Percocet from 2009 to 2011, the indictment says, though Hart was no longer with the team and was living in New York. [...]

Johnson, 59, of Salt Lake City, is charged with 26 counts of distributing and possessing with intent to distribute the drug, as well as a charge of making false statements to an officer of the Drug Enforcement Administration who was investigating the case.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that Johnson is also in federal custody.

Known as a super heavy weight enforcer during his playing days, Boogaard racked up 589 penalties in minutes during his six NHL seasons. He was posthumously found to be suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E..

Derek's brother Aaron Boogaard was charged with supplying his brother Oxycodone shortly after his brother's dealing, but those charges were later dismissed.

Boogaard's family sued the NHL in 2013 alleging wrongful death.


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This is terrible. And what's worse is that this type of behaviour is probably rampant in the ECHL and lower "semi-professional" leagues. Playing the type of game they play in those leagues (lots of fighting, lots of hitting and dirty stuff) takes a toll on their bodies, and it's not like they have NHL-caliber training and medical staffs. It really leaves the door open for guys like this to come in, offering painkillers, PED's, etc.

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With drugs like crack and meth the DEA target the top of the food chain and give the street level dealers the smaller prison terms.

With Oxycodone, the top of the food chain are legal entities making legal products for specific legal use. They don't have a cartel or a "top guy" so street dealers are being given heavy sentences.

I see a discrepancy as to who is being targeted with the perpetuation of the prescription drug black market and who is contributing. The illegal market is factored in to the manufacturing process and supply and demand. I'm not suggesting that drug companies need to be treated like criminals, but the plausible deniability needs to be taken away. If they are not going to take some responsibility for the illegal use of their product then perhaps there should be a process created to hold them accountable.

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I don't understand... Boogaard took the pills... You can't charge anyone with any homicide type stuff... This seems stupid. Can I sue McDonalds if I have a heart attack? WTF

They aren't being charge for his death they are being charged as drug dealers but since they sold drugs to Boogaard the media is lumping his death with the drug charges.

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Partially. But the people who were giving the man Percocets like they were Tic-Tacs should definitely be held accountable as well.

Once you get on oxy and the harder painkillers percs are basically tic tacs... Hardly enough to keep the withdrawals at bay. Im a former opiate addict, did 4 years on methadone and im clean off everything for 2 years now.

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