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Burrows on Torts


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Just recovered from 2 injuries = Torts hey lets throw him in the top 6 with protective wear around his face which does not let him see properly. -7 I wonder how the rest of the team played after Christmas?

And if he gets injured again this season?

Sure it's an excuse but suddenly he's an injury prone player

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Burrows was fine at the end of the season. People need to chill out. Did the Sedins inflate his stats? yes. Did he inflate the Sedins stats? maybe. Their best years have been playing with him. Obviously we will see what happens with Vrbata. I know this topic has been beaten to death but I think most of us can agree Torts was a nightmare and that while some of these guys are getting older and on more expensive deals than before, they can hopefully still be effective players for us under Willie. With the cap going up, 4.5 mill and 7 million dollar contracts aren't as ludicrous as they once were.

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Burrows scored 0 goals, 3 assists -7 from season start to Christmas while getting top-line icetime with elite playmakers.

What exactly is there to be said about that?

Ban being Ban - ironically, of course has something to say about that.....

But on the subject of plus/minus, what would your +/- be had CDC not taken away the minus lol?

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Let's face the facts. Torts as it turns out was not the right fit for the team, obviously. The fact that he went to management and wanted him traded or bought out and didn't even speak with Burrows tells me that he had made up his mind about the guy before he even got here. (aren't you supposed to help your top players?)

His job is to get the most from his players. He signed up to motivate and teach his players how to play the systems,to which he believes, are right for the personnel. He failed at this, miserably.

How many other players did Torts guide to their worst careers ? I think I could say, with honesty, most of them.

I was watching this team when Mike Keenan came in and drove our favorite player out of town in a very similar fashion.... Gillis's final moves have set the franchise back to the stone age.

Looking forward though...

Burrows will have a bounce back year for the different coach alone.

Our new GM has made more roster changes than the last one could in years. We have a new weapon up front with Vrbata. A stable new number 1 goalie who is proven. Youth coming in, depth, balance, competition for spots, no more disgruntled players/ distractions...(Kes/Lou)

I am excited to see what they can do, with a new coach. I think they will make the playoffs.

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If I was Burrows, I'd be very concerned about the reports of Vrbata playing with the twins.

Everybody needs to calm down about Vrbata.

He hasn't played a single shift with the Sedins yet.

We have no clue if it's going to work out. Who knows, maybe Burrows is playing with the Sedins again by Christmas?

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