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Mafia: Retribution Through Fire - Sign-Ups Open - GAME OVER


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Welcome to Mafia: Retribution Through Fire. I Aladeen will be your glorious host for this game.


Mafia is a game of strategy, trust, intuition, risk, and luck.

It is a game between two factions battling to the death for victory. Everyone is either a Townsperson or a Mafia. The Mafia know each other's identities, and work together in a group. Once a night, they select a Townsperson to kill. The Townspeople do not know each other's identities, but must debate during the day who might be the Mafia among them, and then vote for someone to lynch. They must root out the Mafia through any information they can gather. There are often special roles that can assist the Townspeople, such as a Sheriff, a Doctor, etc. The winning group is the group left standing when all other members of the opposition have been eliminated.

History on CDC

Krazz introduced the game of Mafia on White Noise way back in 2008. Games were run in sequence for quite some time, during the initial heyday of Mafia on CDC. But eventually the games died off as interest waned. Fortunately, over time, Krazz and others (notably T-rex930) have re-booted Mafia several times, allowing players old and new alike to experience the game again and again.

Common Roles (may or may not appear in game)

The Sheriff is a Townsperson who can investigate one player per round. He will send a PM to the GM with one name; the GM will then inform the Sheriff if that player is Townsperson or Mafia.

- Doctor
The Doctor is a Townsperson who can choose one player to "protect" during each night. If the Mafia try to kill that player, their kill will not go through he or she will be saved by the Doctor. The Doctor may only self-save himself twice per game. The Doctor's save also only applies to one kill attempt per target per round - if, for example, both the Mafia and Serial Killer target the Doctor-protected player, the first attempt will be "saved" but the second will successfully eliminate the targeted player.

- Vigilante
The Vigilante is a Townsperson who can kill one person each night. By the end of every round, he must send one name to the GM, and the player he names will be killed prior to the beginning of the next round.

- Serial Killer
The Serial Killer is unaligned with either major faction. The Serial Killer gets one kill a night. He does not win with either TP or Mafia he only wins if he is the last one standing. Although often a difficult role to win with, it has happened on several occasions.

- Kingpin
The Kingpin is the head of the Mafia. The exact aspects to this role can vary, but generally the Kingpin will get an investigative power every two rounds he or she will select one name, and the GM will reveal if that name is a Regular Townsperson or a Special Role (i.e. Sheriff, Doctor, Vigilante). The Kingpin will also show up as "Not Mafia" to the Sheriff. However, the Kingpin cannot submit kills on the Mafia's behalf.

- Twinblade
The Twinblade is a Townsperson who has a one-time ability to kill another player. However, the catch is that the Twinblade will die as well in their attempt.

- Lackey
The Lackey is a role-blocker who secretly works for the Mafia. The Lackey shows up as Town on investigation and have no contact with the Mafia, but aims to make contact with the Mafia and help them win. The Lackey chooses one player each round to role-block - the chosen target will be blocked from performing his action. This includes blocking the Mafia from making their kill. The Lackey cannot block an action taken against himself. The Lackey cannot block the same player/group (i.e. Mafia group) on two consecutive nightfalls.

- Watcher
The Watcher is a Town-aligned role who chooses one player to "watch" during the night. If any action is performed on the watched player (i.e. Mafia kill, Vig/SK kill, Sheriff investigation) the Watcher will be informed who targeted the player, although not what action was taken. If multiple actions were performed, the Watcher will only learn of the first one. The Watcher is able to "watch" himself.

- Paranoid Sheriff
Much like the vanilla Sheriff, the Paranoid Sheriff will be given an investigation per round. Unlike the vanilla Sheriff, the results that return to the Paranoid Sheriff will always be "affiliated to the mafia." Similar to all the Sheriff roles, the Paranoid Sheriff will not be able to investigate himself.

- Naive Sheriff
Much like the vanilla Sheriff, the Naive Sheriff will be given an investigation per round. Unlike the vanilla Sheriff, the results that return to the Naive Sheriff will always be "not affiliated to the mafia." Similar to all the Sheriff roles, the Naive Sheriff will not be able to investigate himself.

- Psycho Sheriff
Much like the vanilla Sheriff, the Psycho Sheriff will be given an investigation per round. Unlike the vanilla Sheriff, the results that return to the Psycho Sheriff will always be the opposite of the player's actual affiliation (i.e. mafia will show up as "not affiliated to the mafia", townspeople will show up as "affiliated to the mafia.") Similar to all the Sheriff roles, the Psycho Sheriff will not be able to investigate himself.

- Med Kit
The Med Kit is an inanimate, moveable object in the game, assigned to a random player at the beginning of the game. This player will be protected from a kill (not a lynch) for that round's nightfall. However, he will need to pass on the Med Kit to someone else in the game afterward. Two names will need to given to the GM by the end of the round - one of those names given will be chosen at random and that player will be given the Kit once the new round begins. The original holder of the Med Kit will not know which player was chosen. The player given the Med Kit will not know who gave it to him. If one of the two players whose names are given is killed off that night, the second player will automatically receive the Med Kit. If both given names are killed, the Med Kit will be taken out of the game. If the holder of the Med Kit is lynched, the Med Kit will be taken out of the game. If the holder of the Med Kit forgets to submit two names, the Med Kit will be re-assigned randomly to another player in the game. The same player cannot receive the Med Kit more than once every three rounds.

- Cult Leader
The Cult Leader, similar to the Serial Killer, is unaligned with either major faction. However, the Cult Leader has the ability to recruit one player into their Cult each night up until round 3. After Round 3, the Cult Leader can only recruit new players every second night. (i.e. Round 1, Round 2, Round 4, Round 6, etc..) Cultists do not have the ability to kill other players. The Cult wins by becoming the majority faction in the game.

Other rules:

  • Please don't purposely screw over your faction, it wrecks the game for everyone.
  • Please vote at least once every other round.
  • Please bold your votes and include the round number Example: Vote1 Intowesables, cause he is evil for sure!

******** IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ***************

1. Game Play Changes

There will now be 2 action phases divided into day and night:

Night: will be when ALL special actions happen just like in regular mafia and there will be an update on what transpired during the night... (ie kills, special actions, investigations etc.) Night actions deadline will be 9PM PST and be updated shortly thereafter.

Day: This is when voting for a lynching will take place. Votes may be submitted any time AFTER nightfall and voting deadline will be 12pm or NOON PST (Lynching will start on Day 2)

Also roles will be revealed upon death in the death list (unless the player has been cleaned by a janitor * See new roles

2. Changes to Current Roles

1. Serial Killer is now Immune to attack at night (Except by Bodyguard, Veteran or Arsonist * see new roles)

2. KingPin will now be divided into two roles Godfather and Consigliere * See new roles

3. New Roles

1. Executioner:

Goal: Trick the Town Into Lynching Your "target"

The Executioner will be given a random town member as a "target" and wins the game if they manage to get their target hung.

- Night Immunity (except to Arsonist)

- Wins with anyone (Town, Mafia, Neutral) If they accomplish their goal

- If their target dies during the night phase the Executioner will turn into a Jester and lose Night Immunity

2. Jester:

Goal: Trick the Town into Lynching You

Jester does nothing other than tries to get themselves lynched, should they manage to get lynched by the town, they may then choose one player who voted for them to be hung and kill them during the night phase.

- Wins with anyone (Town, Mafia, Neutral)

3. Arsonist

Goal: Live to See Everyone Burn

Each night the Arsonist may douse someone in gasoline (The target will know they have been doused)

Any night the Arsonist may choose to ignite all doused targets, killing all who have been doused at the same time.

- Dousing ignores night time immunity and can NOT be saved by doctor healing

- Night Immunity (except against Bodyguard and Veteran)

4. Body Guard

Alignment: Town

The Bodyguard may protect one person each night. If the person they are protecting is attacked, the player being attacked will live but the bodyguard and the attacker will die instead.

- The Bodyguard can be healed by the doctor

- The Bodyguard's counter attack ignores night immunity

- The Bodyguard can put on a bullet proof vest once during the game, saving themselves if they are attacked.

5. Veteran

Alignment: Town

The Veteran may choose to go on "Alert". While on Alert the Veteran is immune to night time attack. Also ANYONE who visits the veteran while on Alert will be shot and killed.

- Can choose to go on Alert 3 times throughout the game

- Alert Ignores Night Immunity

6. Mayor

Alignment: Town

The Mayor is a regular townsperson until they choose to reveal themselves as mayor to everyone in the game. Once the Mayor has revealed themselves their lynch votes will now count as 3 votes.

- Once revealed the Mayor may NOT be healed by the Doctor, but can be protected by the bodyguard.

7. Retributionist

Alignment: Town

The Retributionist may choose one dead TOWNPERSON and resurrect them from death.

- Can NOT resurrect anyone that has been cleaned by the Janitor

- Can only use this ability ONCE in the game

8. Godfather

Alignment: Mafia

The Godfather is the leader of the Mafia and Chooses Who will die each night.

- Night Immunity

- Will show up Not Suspicious from investigations

9. Consigliere

Alignment: Mafia

Choose a player to investigate ever other night starting night 1 to investigate and find out their role.

10. Framer

Alignment: Mafia

Choose a player each night to Frame and if they are investigated they will show up as mafia.

11. Janitor

Alignment: Mafia

Choose a player each night to "clean" and if they die during the night their role will not show up in the death list.

- Can 3 targets during the game

12. Blackmailer

Alignment: Mafia

Choose one player each night to "Blackmail". A Blackmailed Player may NOT speak the Following day until nightfall.

13. Mafioso

Alignment: Mafia

Carry out the orders of the Godfather. So long as the mafioso lives they will be the one who visits all targets instead of the Godfather.

- If the Godfather dies the Mafioso will be promoted to Godfather.

Addition of all these roles will be dependent on the number of players!

************ Update: Please Read Carefully ****************************

Please Note that it is possible to have more than one type of role in the game!

Also I may include the following roles in addition to the new ones I have already laid out (depending on how I will try to balance the game, so as not to under power either of the factions)

1. Escort:

- Town role blocker (like lackey but wins with town)

- If the escort should roleblock the Serial Killer, the Serial Killer will negate their target and instead kill the escort... **** THE SAME IS NOW TRUE FOR THE LACKEY******

2. Investigator:

- Like the sheriff the Investigator "investigates" Players, however instead of getting back the results of faction affiliation, they get clues to the player's role. The role will not be revealed outright but several possibilities will be listed.

3. Transporter:

- The transporter chooses two targets to "transport" each night. ALL ACTIONS AGAINST THESE PLAYERS ARE SWAPPED.

(example: Intoewsables is Transported with Virtanen87 and Virtanen87 is targeted by the SK, Intoewsables will instead be killed.)

4. Survivor

- The survivor is completely neutral and has one simple goal: to live until the end of the game

- The Survivor is given 4 bullet proof vests and may choose to wear them on any night, while wearing the vest the Survivor is immune at night.

- The Survivor may still be doused/ignited by the arsonist.

5. Witch

- The witch has the ability to choose one player to "control" and one player to "target"

- Any kill action or Investigation action by the player being controlled will now be against the targeted player

- The witch wins by seeing the town lose the game (So the witch can win with the mafia, SK, Arsonist)

One last role update:

If the Sheriff Investigates the Serial Killer, They will know that player is the Serial Killer!

Roles Included in this game: (*Note there can be multiples of any roles except Unique roles)

* Unique Roles









Veteran *


Retributionist *

Mayor *















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1) Dral (as long as everyone promises to kill me in the 1st round)

2) Time Lord (as long as everyone promises to kill me if I'm mafia)

3)PPCLI (as long as everyone promises to not target me in round 1)

4) Beluga Whale

5) StevenStamkos

6) King Heffy (if we hit 20)

7) Apples

8) Peaches

9) OurTimeToShine

10) g_bassi13

11) Rick Grimes

12) ilduce39

13) Virtanen87

14) Go Faulk Yourself

15) AppleJack

16) King Alex

17) Intoewsables (or was it Bombay Javelin?)

18) Framing Dragon

19) Horvat

20) Big Mike

21) BDM <3

22) 112 - Not sure how I missed your post, You are very sneaky!

23) Otherwise

24) Kryten

25) Mau5trap

26) Kakanucks (dupe of a dupe of a dupe? Dupe cubed? Dupe3?)

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