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PGT (Canucks VS Oilers) It's a win!


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Good to get the win but I think the canucks have some decisions to make here shortly

That was the worst I've seen vey play. He belongs at center

Richardson was invisible last night. He's a 4th line center

The 2nd line needs a goal scorer not a line of grinders and not kassian he's a play maker

Lines need to get moved around a bit and chemistry formed

I'm a huge Jensen for the 2nd line fan myself adds a dynamic shooters element we are missing out there

Sedin Sedin vrbata

Burrows bonino Jensen

Higgins vey kassian

Matthias Richardson Hansen Dorset

Make a trade too many players with Horvat coming back

Have to disagree with some of this.

Richardson was a guy who was winning faceoffs, took a lot of shots and carried the puck toward the net on a few occasions that got us some momentum in their end. I didn't think he was terrible (at all).

I like our second line and feel that things will click...they're showing some drive, grit and chemistry together. Too early to decide imo and I feel you're setting the bar too high. It's a team that's barely got their skates laced up, give it a bit to "assess"? Vey's been ok - again, pace yourself in these summaries. 10 games in and then we should start doing so.

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Edler & the Kassquatch have had the edge in their games effectively neutered-out by rather marginal suspensions,... and if they even put a toe or a shoulder over-the-line now - the book will be thrown at them. Yet others players in the league routinely dodge penalties/suspensions & face no consequences for head-shots & the like. It's calleda 'point of view' or having a 'bias' folks & everyone has 'em. Remember Brad Stuart's take-out of Gabriel Landeskog? At the time,.. Stuart was playing upon a So-Cal team.

The So-Cal teams, the O-6's & anyone who's paid Brian Burke to be their 'advisor' in the past decade...are pretty much guaranteed to be dealt with leniently.

DPS member, Patrick Burke says...Hi!

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Woo! Congrats to Miller on the shutout (30th career shutout). Good win.

Also, it's been 15 years since Vancouver opened a season 3-0!

Wow I'm shocked that it's only Miller's 30th... Lui just put up his 67th. Didn't know they had such a wide margin. They're closer in wins and other career stats though.

Great to see Miller settling in. Quickly starting to love this guy!

And Vrbatta... He's an absolute beauty.

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The Oilers D just has a knack for running around, chasing the puck carrier like a hoard of bees, and blessing one of our players with wide open space in front of the net.

Even Gods amongst men like Sopel and Weinrich wouldn't be able to solve EDM's defensive woes.

Haha this describes their D quite accurately. Kind of like a bunch of young kids playing soccer...they all chase the ball all game.

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Am I the only one thinking that pretty much the entire team has improved as a whole compared to last year? I'm seeing more work ethic. The blocked shots are more timely, not because the coach demands it. The team has better puck pursuit. We still need to work on getting in on the zone. But the team as a whole looks like it's relaxed, focused, and everyone seems to be having a lot more fun.

I'm already sold on WD. The 2nd through fourth lines may not be showing up on the score sheet, but I'm thinking it's just a matter of time. I guess the real test starts tonight. But at least we're winning games we're supposed to be winning.

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Am I the only one thinking that pretty much the entire team has improved as a whole compared to last year? I'm seeing more work ethic. The blocked shots are more timely, not because the coach demands it.

Definitely, and this part stands out for me.

The guys were tentative, yet ordered to block shots last year (poor Tanev). But it isn't always the best form of defense against a shot, because it then leaves you down on the ice and the team down a man, at least momentarily. A lot can happen with a guy lying on the ice and a team is basically short handed and can be handcuffed in that. So sure, they were flopping down as they were told to but now they're making a decision to or not, based on if it's the best play. It allows them some discretion and can be based on where other players are situated, etc.

Much more effective. Plus, when your coach has shot blocking as one of the planned/regular plays, other teams catch on and then can work around it. Fake a shot, have a guy go down then take advantage of that. This way, it keeps them guessing.

There were a couple of timely/excellent blocks yesterday, so they know how to do it.

Much improved. And more relaxed/natural in their game play.

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Sigh....as much as some people think, the answer does not lie with Martin Brodeur.

He is a very accomplished goaltender, no doubt. Having said that, he spent decades behind a great defensive system.

Put Brodeur on the Oilers and he will get lit up like a Christmas tree, sad to say, but true.

A lot of people don't make the connection between "great" goaltending and defensive structures.

Look at Bryz, he played in PHO and was considered a top goalie, in Philly he was exposed, Mike Smith was thought to be below average before he went to PHO,

Luongo made his rep in FLA, behind a trap D, then cemented it in Vancouver during our couple of seasons trapping (06-09) when that was abandoned all of a sudden Lou looked human.

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