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PGT (Canucks VS Oilers) It's a win!


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We actually didn't play that well. I thought we were in the defensive zone quite a bit in the 1st and 2nd but our game picked up in the 3rd. I just hope our 2nd line can bring more to the table otherwise we might get shutdown in the playoffs if we make it.

These are some good points, will definitely matter during the end of the season since IMO it will be a close one.

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Loving Miller. Quietly goes about his business without any hoopla. A few scary rebounds but, all in all, he's solid.

He's one of he league's best when on his game. Let's just hope he's on his game for us....

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Big takeawayS for me....

Sure we've had 3 games against weak opponents but

1. We have 3 wins. Need to win the games you should

2. We won a game we shouldnt have last comeback, Miller calls himself out

3. Miller comes back with a great game and a shutout

4. I am seeing the development of 4 REAL lines that are all bringing something different to the team, that seem to be starting to find some chemistry and starting to all contribute and understand their roles, something Torts couldn't establish in a full season....and its only been 3 games.

5. Need to settle down defensively still, alot of odd mans being given up and zone coverage errors at times, but that is part of the learning process of a new system

6. Loved the way the 4th line contributed tonight, that was a REAL 4th line...

7. The triplets, well what can you say...where are those Sedin bashers now? lol...and Vrbata? I thought he was simply a good 2 way 30 goal man...clealry playing with no talent in Arizona hid a gem, this guy has 40 goal talent, he reminds my of Hejduk in his prime..pure smarts and hands...a treat to watch those guys together.

8. Burr Burr Burr..so many little things he did tonight..haters gonna hate, Burr is back

9. Kassian - terrific game, offensively dominant at times from the 3rd line, noticable, drove the play, controlled the puck, really liked that line as a whole

10. Tanev...like a glass of the finest 30 yr old scotch that kid

Loved it, this is a team finally!!! Love these guys...play with that effort, heart, I dont care if we win or lose. FINALLY, FINALLY, OUR BOYS ARE PLAYING CANUCK HOCKEY!!!

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