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I would be scared of the Oilers if...

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If they stopped trying to build a eastern conference team...

If they would trade Nugent Hopkins and Yakupov for Barkov and Bjugstad. I think this deal would actually help both teams in a big big way. The oilers would get some much needed size with skill. They would have Barkov-Bjugstad-Draisaitl. Thats a huge team down the middle capable of playing with the West. You still have Hall, Purcell, Perron, Eberle.

The Panthers would be much improved too. The smaller more skilled players would do well in the East. They would put more seats in the stands too. Whats funny is that I think the panthers would be pretty decent out west. Its hard to play a boring defensive style with no fan support. Hard to get motivated to concentrate all game for 1-0 when there is no one to play for.

Huberdeau is being wasted playing playing with the heavies. He would look pretty decent with Nugent Hopkins and Yakupov. Yak has a amazing shot and great wheels. He competes hard. No reason why he cant be Ovechkin lite for the Panthers. Russian players love Miami the mafia cost.

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Problems lie deeper than coaching. If a different coach came to Edmonton would they be any better off? The team Eakins has to work with is aweful! I think the Oilers management is the root of the problem (begins at Lowe and works it's way down).

They draft some top end talent in Eberle, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Yakupov, Nurse, and Draisaitl. I have no issue with these players. Other GM's would have a similar list if they were at the helm of the Oilers. Swap them to another team in a different environment, they become much more successful. But what have they done with their second, third, and fourth round picks (and they have had a lot!)? How many Oilers have made an impact in the NHL, beyond the guy they got early in the first round? How many trades have panned out? Perron is the only one that comes to mind. How many free agent signings can be called a success? I guess Ference, maybe Schultz?

What they have surrounded these top guys is a joke. One could argue their bottom six is worst in the NHL. How many of those forwards would make another NHL club, most would be considered AHL players. Nuge gets hurt and Mark Arcebollo becomes your first line centre, ouch! There defence is terrible! Did MacT seriously think depth defenceman Mark Fayne and Nikita Nikitin were the answer? And we are all aware about how bad the Oilers goaltending has been since Roloson. That being said Scrivens is an upgrade on Dubnyk.

I think it's still a long time away until we see the Oil back in the playoffs. They need to surround the talent with something, anything! There is no way you can be a playoff team in the Pacific with Fayne, Ference, Nikitin, Schultz, Marincin, Hunt, etc as your defence core.

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