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[PGT] Vancouver 3 Dallas 6

Dumb Nuck

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One game. There's plenty more to come.

I'm glad this happened at the beginning of the season to give Benning, Linden, and Desjardins a true picture of this team and where its clear deficiencies lie.

If the remainder of the road trip continues this way, expect Benning to move some personnel.

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Despite the score of unfortunate bounces and badluck, I thought we actually had a fairly good game.


1st, 3rd and 4th lines played well and seemed to develop some nice chemistry.

Sbisa and Edler had a good game.

Lack played well.


2nd line was lacking quite severely tonight, couldn’t get anything going and only good shifts were seen on the PK (by Bonino). Might need to change these wingers up.

Defense was all over the shop, very inconsistent at times.

Miller had a bad night but was mainly unfortunate.

Some games are just going to happen like this, on to the next one!

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They dominated us when they felt like it and when the game was out of reach they eased off. We showed some resiliency but I think that appearance has more to do with their sense of respect and not wanting to demolish us rather than us fighting back. Nothing really changed intensity wise throughout the entire game. But really, this game just emphasized what we already knew.

Sedins and Vrbata are solid.

Vey is solid.

Kassian is solid.

Our second line is soft as hell.

Our defence (I don't buy the 'they're learning a new system BS') looks really haphazard out there. Not a single guy I can say has been a rock through this stretch. Everyone has looked bad.

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I'm not too worried about this for now, Stars are a good team and I saw on Sportsnet yesterday that Miller has his worst goaltending record against Dallas with a save percentage of .892 in 8 games or something along the lines of that. Combine that with the fact that Dallas is now a high scoring team makes it worse. He will bounce back and get us wins again in no time. We'll see what happens, it's still early in the season!

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