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What the heck happened to my account?

Guest Dasein

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So I was on CDC on my phone and it used to look like a mobile app (not like the web version). I must have clicked on something and then it turned into a web version with limited function. For example, I don't have emoticons, multiquote capability, etc. That's alright because I rarely use it on my phone, but that setting seems to have been applied to my computer as well, as now I can't multiquote, use emoticons, post pictures, etc. Has this happened to anyone else before?

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This used to happen to me but several years back, very suddenly (having to switch from mobile to desktop when on PC, then desktop back to mobile on phone), then just as suddenly, it stopped happening.

No idea what causes it.

Had the same problem a week ago my solution:
1) grab ur phone
2) bash it into ur computer
3) get a hammer and break ur computer
4) buy a new phone and computer

Sounds legit.

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