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How many games do you watch in one season in average?


Watching games  

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In the arena, on tv, on pc, everything counts... Me, so far, I've seen 11 games out of 12, (missed the last oilers game), but probably I won't be able to watch all the remaining 70 games. (of course more, if the guys makes the playoff) I think I will manage to watch 40-50 games this season.

What about you?

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There were two years, I'll say the 2008 season and 2009 season where I watched every single game.

However, I haven't had CI Package for quite a few years and live in Manitoba, so however many times the Canucks play on HNIC, that's how many I watch.

As for Jets games, I probably watch upwards of 40 per year.

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One of the reasons I moved back to BC was so I could watch as many as I can possibly watch.

I missed 2 games last year.

Expecting to watch (or listen on the radio if I'm on the road somewhere) about the same - and hopefully between 16 - 28 playoff games ;)

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If I can't watch them I generally listen or record them. I go to 1-2 games year depending on whether a freight company gives me a free ticket. I will pay for one game a year to see the Wings with my pal who's father has worked for the Wings organization for many years.

I don't really care about pre-season, but I always watch the first game.

If I miss a playoff game, something bad happened to me and you should call the authorities.

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