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In 2 different classes this semester, I had 2 midterms. One I studied a solid 10 or so hours over 2 days for. The other, I totally forgot was even happening. until I walked in 5 minutes after class started and found everyone writing into exam booklets.

I did a decent bit better on the latter.

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While I was at UVic a couple years ago the English department was forced by admin to start giving "real" exams during exam period. All the English profs hated it. I had a few who rebelled and refused to do it.

Heh thats awesome, and really once you get up into the 3 and 4 hundred level courses it's next to impossible to actually give a "real" exam in English - it basically goes against everything they are trying to teach you

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Lol the legendary zfetch! Glad you're joining us.

Awe shoot its Zfetch time

Oy m8. Long time no see.

Awwwww yeah Zfetch

(No idea who you are)

Dude, you don't know THE zfetch?

He's like smith80's cousin. The guy's a legend.

Hey whats up zfetch? Long time no see


Thank you one and all for making me feel at home my first time round.

Note: I am at home.

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