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Mafia: Universal Nightmare I (Game Over TP Win!)



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Wouldn't we want her alive if she's good and not mafia, though? Voting out good players just because they're good isn't smart.

vic confirmed mafia defending his mafia buddy. I'm sorry this reminds me too much of Alvaro de Jesús Agudelo (a.k.a. "El Limón"), defending Pablo Escobar From the Columbian National Police just before Escobar was shot and killed. It's pretty erie how similar it is actually.
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I think it was back in the early spring or late winter months we used to vote (artist formerly known as)kesler out immediately due to his amazing ability to toss out random lists of who he thought was mafia within the first few round, then make sure everyone knew it when he got one right and ignored the majority he got wrong in later rounds.

ftfy yw
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