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We traded one Sniper and got TWO


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Yes folks, it does look like we have a couple of real bullseye specialists in Vrbata and Bonino...

Both of them showed their absolute deadly accuracy tonight.

We did lose a bonifide sniper when we traded Kesler... and probably Kesler has a higher velocity shot... but he was a little inaccurate, and these guys can really pick their spots... give them a tiny bit of room and the pucks in the net.

And the good news... is they are on two different lines.

We got a #1 and #2 line punch this season. B)

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Definitely looks better having Bones and Vrbies goals. Is it just me or is Bones looking more and more like our best player as we get into the season. He's just Mr. Everything so far, without the hits of course, but he checks well, and does't take bad penalties ala Kes.

This years Canucks are actually a skilled 4 line team that competes hard!

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Kesler had one great year in 2011. After that he couldn't convert on his chances nearly as often. Bonino on the other hand... well I don't think I need to explain how good he's been. That second goal on Varlomov was just outta nowhere lol

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Kesler was vastly overrated offensively. He was great in 2010-2011 but was never the same.

2012-2012 he had 13 even strength goals in 77 games. David booth had the same amount in 56 games.Chris Higgins 16, Hansen 15.

2012-2013 injures most of the year, just 4 goals in 17 games

2014-2015 a bit better as he played with the Sedins and scores a lot early on. His 15 goals es tied Higgins and 2 more than Kassian

His play making ability was acceptable for a 2nd/3rd line tweener but really he did not use his line mates well

Great skater, defensively sound, had offensive tools but was not a sniper or am adept passer

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Well if you want to add Vrbata to the equation you have to balance out the formula...

Kesler 5 mil 9pts

Booth 4.2 mil 1pts

Garrison 4.6mil 7pts

Schroader .6 mil 0pts

Dalpe .55 mil 0pts

3rd round pick

=14.95 mil =15pts


Bonino 1.9 mil 12pts

Vrbata 5 mil 13pts

sbisa 2.9 mil 3pts

vey 0.73 mil 7pts

Dorsett 1.63 mil 5pts

=12.16 mil =30pts

Way more depth, double the points and 2.79 million of cap space that went towards the miller signing. What an awesome summer.

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Yah,.."I feel good.... do-do-do-do-do-do-do....I knew that I would now."

Vrbata comes here & he's played as billed.

Bonino, (in the regular season so far), looks like he's all that & a bag of chips....& still very humble, too. Watching this player's evolution as a Canuck is going to be a lot of fun! ::D

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