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Request: Hilarious Kesler and Bonino Photoshops...let's collaborate on a sign for the game.

Hank Moody

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So I live out in LA and i'm going to the game on Sunday in Anaheim...

I had this idea (and thanks to whysoserious here on CDC's great photoshop skills) came up with this:

On one side of the posterboard I want to put:




and then on the other side




You guys wanna help me think of a creative way to put this together? Or a creative caption to put at the bottom?

I think it could be fun to put something like "It's something in the Vancouver water" or I dont know, i'm not as creative as I know you guys are.

Could be cool if we collabed and it got on TV or something for us all to enjoy!

I was also thinking of just incorporating Getzlaf as well bald in both years, sort of to signify that playing in Anaheim will make you bald?

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