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[PGT] Nucks 2, Kesler 1


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Only blemish is that Kesler was able to completely shutdown Henrik.

Also, I was hoping Jensen and Horvat would play more. Jensen looked lively so I don't know why he wasn't on the first line when Hansen failed to generate any offence alongside the Sedins.

I really like Hansen but I think he is best utilized in a checking role. Great checker, not much of an offensive player.

I'd credit Hansen more than Kesler if we are blaming who shut down Henrik

LOL this is so true it hurts. I love Hansen too, but in a bottom 6 role.

As for Jensen not getting a shot, I think WD trusts Vey more as he's seen him all year, whereas Jensen was just called up. I don't think he did anything positive to warrant being tried on the 1st line over Vey. It was probably just that Vey made more sense than Jensen to try on the 1st line, especially when WD shortened the benches in the 3rd period and the three non-regular rookies didn't play.

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