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(oroposal) Next summer free agency craziness splitting up sedins idea

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I really like idea of being able to have coach roll four lines. Alot of our prospects are 2-3yrs away (subban, cederholm, demko, cassels, tryamkin, mccann) but theres. a few that are close (virtanen, jensen, horvat, gaunce, hutton, kenins, corrado, markstrom,shinkaruk) we need these young players to gain as much experience this yr and then steal spots next yr.

my proposal is trade hansen and mattias and weber for picks or a young dman. trade or waive burrows or buyout. draft a stud on d at draft

july first sign jagr 2-3 yrs 4-5 mill per guarantee him spot on 2nd or 3rd. with 17-20 mins a game hes a great talent can help teach kassian jensen horvat virtanen shinkaruk how to become professionals

Let youngsters compete at training camp

Split sedins up making other teams have to deal with two first lines

sedin bonino vrbata

shinkaruk sedin jagr

kassian horvat virtanen

higgins gaunce jensen


or switch jagr to third line sedin sedin vrabata

shinkaruk bonino higgins

virtanen horvat jagr

jensen gaunce kassian

beast lines i think the nhl teams woukd be in trouble dealing with vans youth speed but also vet clutch play what do you think

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first off, you're undoubtedly the best typer on CDC.

secondly, jagr can play til he's 50 in europe. his production at this age is an anomaly past the age of 35, and he's 42 now. while it's unreal how he's one of a very few athletes who have managed to slow down father time, i don't think it lasts that long at this level.

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So you're saying 5 prospects will replace NHL regulars next season on FWD? Virtanen, Gaunce, Shink, Horvat and Jensen all manage to steal spots from guys like Vey, Dorsett ect. wont happen, especially for 4th line spots where we need grit. With all those rookies and no grit, sure we have a talented team, but when we play California, St. Louis, Boston ect. we will get manhandled. and Jagr at 5mil? Questionable. Jagr at 5mil for 2-3 seasons? Give your head a shake. Pass.

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