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Garry Valk helping Gino Odjick


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I listened to TSN Team 1040 and Garry Valk was the guest this morning and he shared about a cool project he is doing. He has brought together over 20 local celebrities and local businesses partners to offer weekly deals with proceeds going to charities.

He also mentioned that he is offering local deals with proceeds going to Gino Odjick and helping him during his fight with health issues which is pretty cool.

The project is called saveitforward.com and there are some Canucks Alumni that have joined him including Babych.

it's cool to see that even after they have left the game ... they are still giving back to our community.

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Garry Valk said Gino was with family back home and has lived longer than what we were told. However, the final outcome isn't good.

I am glad Valk has done something with his website that allows us to help him and give back ... plus this week's deal looks amazing.

There are some pretty cool people involved ... that's impressive.

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Good for Valky. At times we seem to forget enforcers don't cash in the nhl. Meaning they don't make enough and they have one of the toughest jobs. Gino did alot for the stars on this team who are now loaded with cash. Thanks to Gary Valk and the rest of the helpers, and lets hope Gino fights this disease and nobody else suffers such a illness.

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