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Improving our 2nd line. (Proposal)

Ice T

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First trade:

To ARZ: Hansen, Markstrom, 3rd in 2016

To VAN: Doan

Second trade:

To WPG: Doan, Weber, Matthais

To Van: Ladd, 4th in 2015

I think WPG, would accept this trade, because they haven't made the playoffs since the team relocated to WPG and I think all they might need is a change of scenery. Even though Matthais has been playing extremely well the last few games, I don't think JB has him in our future plans, with Shinkaruk and Jensen maybe cracking the full time roster next year. Weber is put in the trade, because he is really not ready for an NHL role IMO. I think we would be better suited calling up Corrado and ease him to a top 6 role.

Sedin Sedin Vrbata

Ladd Bonino Higgins

Burrows Richie Kassian

Dorsett Horvat Vey


What do you think?

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Arizona and Winnipeg both say no.

I feel that you are over-valuing the Vancouver players, but even if you're not, Doan will probably retire a Coyote.

Even if you convinced him to waive his NMC, he, Weber, and Matthais are not enough to get the Jets into the play-offs.

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To improve the 2nd line you do the following.

Trade upcoming UFA's or players over achieving this year and stock the hell up on prospects in organizational need positions and then do exactly nothing except bring in the Shinkaruks, Foxes, Jensens, greniers etc and allow our meager organizational depth to start coming in to fruition.

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We have one of the best 2nd lines in the league. In fact I would probably rate every single one of our lines at least top 10 so far this season.

We have 5 players in the top 90 in scoring. Burrows is just 1 point out of the top 90 despite missing 3 games and Vey is also one point out. There are 90 first liners in the league - by that stat our 2nd line is pretty much a mediocre first line.

Our third line is solid, and we have probably one of the best fourth lines as well.

7th in the league in scoring is excellent. If we were to get more offense it would be from our D. Linden Vey has been stealing points from our D by playing the point on the powerplay, so I don't even think that is a huge issue by any stretch.

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