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(Proposal) acquire D prospect

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Welcome to the CDC and congrats on your first post :)

But nope.

Pouliot while an A+ prospect and stud defender who has loads of experience playing with our own Anton Cederholm is not worth us giving up our best LW prospect AND one of our best most NHL ready C/LWs when there are other RHD available at a young age.

Added Pouliot is recovering from shoulder surgery and is buried behind Maata and Letang and mired in amongst more on what is a shockingly stacked Pittsburgh core of D prospects.

Think if we're giving up that much for 1 player we have much better options

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If that package could land us Griffin Reinhart or equivalent then I'd be all in, even though Shinkaruk is my favorite amongst our current group of prospects.

Until we got virtanen id never think of moving shinkaruk. Kids gunna be a great player. But imo we have to make a big move and get ourselves a great D prospect. Unless benning has his eye on someone in this draft were going to need to trade one or two of our top teir prospects to get a top teir d prospect

If only jordan subban would hit a growth spurt:(

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Holy cow who cares about a couple inches. I'd take Martin St. Louis over 100 ( insert big for nothing plug here)s everyday of the week. It's all about the fight in the dawg my friend. Just sign the kid already !

You are correct. Size doesnt always matter. However it is easier for a forward than it is for a defencman to be small in the NHL. Subban clearly has the skill to be a top offensive dman like his brother pk, but believe it or not a couple inches does make a huge difference. Although not impossible for him to be a big factor with his size, if he were to get to 6 feet there would be no question hed be in our lineup within next 2 seasons

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why not trade Bieska instead. Honestly dude why the hell would you want to trade any prospects, when we will be needing them more than ever once the Sedin's retire.

I too would rather trade our vets. However imo (right or wrong) i dont think we'd get a highend D prospect for bieksa. I believe we would have to trade a prospect or two. Not necessarily the 2 i mentioned (especially shinkaruk) but maybe




maybe (if needed) fox, lain, or another low tier prospect




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Shinkaruk looks like he's going to be a hell of an NHLer one day, a bit of a mix between Grabner and Burrows and could easily end up a 20-30 goal and 50 point producer consistently. He'll be a top 6 winger within a couple of years and has that Parise-like feistiness that every team wants in the playoffs.

He'd fit perfectly in Pittsburgh and would really flourish under their fast-paced, offensive system.

A fair trade for Poulliot would be something like Shinkaruk and a 2nd round pick for Poulliot.

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