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Any Witty Canuck Fans?

Brendan Gaunce

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Ensure you stroke with a broad, incriminating brush. Also speak/write in absolutes.

You might also distinguish fans as belonging to, or resulting from, two distinctly different periods..PT:Prior to Trevor; or, AL:After Linden.

PT was truly a bleak existence. Best applying gallows humour, should you refer to this unforgiving era.

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average lower bowl "fan": Got the tickets from work/friend/relative etc. Almost any way you can get tickets without actually paying for them. Show up at the end of the first. Spend the entire second texting your friends about how you are at the game and you have awesome seats and how awesome it is being there. leave before the start of the third. True story.

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Well, if you wanted to go down the dark road ...


Here's a start...you can describe a segment of Canuck fans as pre-pubescent, pencil-neck, twig for arms, wannabe triad gangster (note the dog tag) asians with anger management issues waiting for their manhood to drop...also note the frogger tape these "sophisticated/knowledgable" (I only know about frogger tape because I was helping a friend of mine paint a few months ago and he used this tape for trimming) fans that make up this segment use to tape up their composite sticks. I'd be surprised if this segment of Canucks fans could raise a tennis ball off the ground.

Not sure if this helps on the witty side, but hope that gets you started on your paper, OP. Good luck.

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