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(DRAFT DAY TALK)Benning VS Gillis


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Gillis 2013 draft(1st round)

Bo Horvat

Hunter Shinkaruk

Benning 2014 draft(1st round)



Now IMO:

(Better-Good/GM win)





In your opinion who is the better GM when it come to draft day?

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To answer your question, I think what we gave up for that second pick matters.

We gave up Schneider for 2013's extra pick, and Kesler for 2014's extra pick. While the extra pick in 2014 was 24th compared to 9th in 2013, removing Kesler was addition by subtraction. Schneider should never have been the goalie to get traded.

Plus, 2013's draft didn't resolve the team's issues (mainly Torts fault since he reinstated a goalie controversy , lack of offence), while 2014's draft did (removal of Kesler from locker room, get younger (Bonino, Sbisa, Draft pick (McCann))

All in all, 2014 appears better but we won't know for sure for another half decade when Horvat, Shink, Virt, and McCann are all playing.

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Hard to say who had the best multiple(1st) pick draft yet based on the drafted players, even though I'm happy with all of our recent first rounders at the moment. But as I didn't like the Schneider trade(say all you want and whatever type of player Horvat deveolps into I think we could have gotten more) I'd have to say Bennings first draft day was better than Gillis last.

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How are we supposed to even answer this question? We won't even have the slightest inkling of which duo is better until at least 4-5 years from now. As far as which I would take now, I will take Virtanen and McCann. But this going to be entirely dependent on people's preference.

The fact that gillis had a shot at getting calgarys 6th to draft Monahan and turned it down is enough to make him the automatic loser.

Your source for this?

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