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(Proposal) VaN BuF

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Get Markstrom to run off another 4 straight SO's.

Then send him for the StL 2015 1st.

Blues nosedive, missing PO's by a point. Their pick wins the lotto; we riot in appreciation.

'Scuse me while I check my lotto #'s...

Not going to happen. There are some good kids in Rochester that will be heading into the NHL in a couple of years. Goaltending is not a problem. The only position(s) that are left in semi-need is a few more top 6 wingers to go along with the rest of the ones that are already in the system. After getting either McDavid or Eichel, the other 2 first round picks will be for wingmen.

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To Van:Myers

To Buf:2nd round pick in 2015


Unless I'm missing something, Canucks cannot make this trade as it would put them over the salary cap.

At some time later in the year, with only his prorated salary, it would become possible. At the trade deadline they'd have more than enough room-but not now.

Even if the proposal were considered later, I don't like the idea of taking on Myers contract/cap hit.


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