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Potential Overage Free Agent: Kevin Dufour

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Name: Kevin Dufour

Age: 22 Years Old


NCAA: Bowling Green Falcons - Left Hand Shot Forward - 6'0 - 190lbs

Why He's Caught My Eye:

Kevin is a player I've been watching for a while - he's a Quebec native and has a very tenacious edge to his game. He struggled last year, but is getting used to the NCAA game and already has nine goals this season. He will be a great pickup for whoever wants a bottom-6 forward who can deliver offensively.

Why The Vancouver Canucks Should Target Him:

Kevin Bieksa's alma mater is Bowling Green. Kevin Dufour could be mentored under a guy who has had the same type of NCAA experience.

NHL Timeline:

At least another three years. He'll be a project, but he's got a lot of potential. Has all the right tools. Think of a last-year Mike Santorelli with the hard-nosed play of the 2011 Alex Burrows. He is an extremely hard working forward who has the offensive tools and assets to be productive. He plays every game like it's the playoffs.

His off-ice workout routines in the summer are gruesome...

Anyways, back to my studies. And scouting.

Till next time.

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I love your enthusiasm, Snypers. I really do.

But you really need to get your forum choices down before you post.

You may want to generate discussion a lot but they all belong in the AHL, International and Juniour Hockey subtopics, or Proposals.

...But if we're fast posters, we won't be able to sift our comments in before the lock!

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