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Trade For What?

Power Fist

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To me there is no doubt in my mind this team has been re-juvienated and is poised and ready to remind the Leaugue who is a top team in the NHL.

1. We have the Goaltending

2. We have the Offence

3. We have Defence

Our team is well coached thanks to Willy D and very composed................ for the most part just getting on the same page to play the game they want to play.

From time to time we see the team break down mentally but thats OK. I would rather have our team work through some obsticles and adversity to prove themselves during the season to get some street cred. It's important in life to have secondary motivation on top of your role to drive more out of your potential. The Canucks have some serious potential that is starting to show this season due to an opportunity in ice time and a new coach who is level headed and ready to reward smart hockey.

The only question in my head is....... if we make a trade who do we add?. What do we need that does not mess with the chemistry and attitude of this team. It will be essential for Benning and Willy D to not mess with the make up of what is defining this team. What is a suitable addition that makes the Canucks a serious Playoff threat and the glory of a CUP!. Make no Mistake we have shot!

I believe we are talking about One additon only. My thoughts are my own but there is not a lot of weakness on our team that can not be fixed with proper coaching and player development. So who is the player that we need and what is the poisition that this team is looking for?.

I would love to hear some real thoughts from our Hardcore Fans :towel: .

For me, I am leaning towards another D man who can play top four to mitigate an inevitable injury. I really feel that you can't have enought depth on D and you need to understand injuries are a part of a long term game plan. I would invest in a 6'4 sized D man who is injury free and consistant to handle any stress of the game. I'm thinking a n Andrew Ference type of player.

What are your thoughts? What does this team need or lack to make the Stanley Cup a reality

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Well for Forwards I think Jensen is ready. But there is no harm in letting him develop more experience down at the farm. The issue comes at Defence because if this team makes the playoffs the issue will be getting that powerplay going. So a puck moving D-man would be nice but do you risk Jensen, or a future prospect for it?

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Checking centre who excels at faceoffs and another d-man. In reality, we probably need a top 4 d-man - but I don't think this is the year to expend the assets required to get either piece I cited.

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Need an elite dman.

Edler is close.

but he isnt a Subban/Pietrangelo/Weber type, and thats all we're missing here.

Luc Bourdon would have looked pretty damn good in that role...but... we can't live in the past, heh.

Sums it up. A elite 2-way defender would be nice, but we have to draft one of those not give up all the assets for one.
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With Hammer's injury, we may need to make a move. Hope Corrado or Sbisa/ Stanton can surprise though.

When everyone's healthy, I'd say a two-way 3rd-line center (just like when someone said Manny, we could use someone who can perform at both ends like he did in 2011 when he scored 0.42 p.p.g. and freed the Twins and Kes' line to play offensively). Ultimately I'd rather see Richardson on the 4th.

For people saying puck-mover, I'd actually think we're okay. Edler, Bieksa, Hammer, Sbisa and Weber can all move the disc. Of course if we can get a Hoff that would be great, but that shouldn't be the #1 priority IMO.

In terms of secondary wants, I'd say a battler like Beleskey, Joel Ward, Mike Richards or Brayden Schenn for the 3rd line. Those are the kinds of guys who get it done in the post-season.

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