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Possibility 5 VAN prospects make Canada WJC team!


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Bo Horvat

Already considered a lock to make Team Canada, the question is whether or not he stays with the Canucks and if they're willing to loan him out.

Jake Virtanen

Also considered a lock despite a slow start to the season offensively. Team Canada is a big fan and he showed very well at the Subway Super Series

Jared McCan

Despite missing games to two bouts of viral illness, McCan's been off to a great start offensively and played in the Subway Super Series. Will almost certainly be getting an invite to camp and will contend for a spot in the bottom six.

Jordan Subban

Is having an absolutely phenomenal season in the OHL, currently leading all defensemen in scoring. Wasn't invited to summer camp, but got to play in the Subway Super Series and showed very well. Will likely receive a camp invite and compete for a spot as the 7th D and PP Specialist.

Cole Cassels

He's a bit of an odd case. Having an amazing season in the OHL, currently sitting 5th in scoring and making a massive leap offensively from his previous season. He's American born, but carries dual citizenship and has played for Canada's U-17 team. He's guaranteed a camp invite from Team USA, but after receiving and accepting a late invitation to Team Canada in the Subway Super Series, it's speculated that Team Canada is very interested in him and might offer him an invite to their camp for the WJC. Could potentially make it as a bottom-six or 13th forward

...then there's a good chance Demko is USA's #1. Great time to be a Nucks fan. And does anyone know if Cassels will play for USA if he doesn't make team Canada?

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Demko should be a lock to be on team USA, along with Cassels at the rate he's going.

Virtanen and Horvat should be solid bets to make team Canada.

McCann and Subban are a little less certain. They played okay in the super series, but nothing that would have blown team Canada management away.

Subban is going to have to rely on his great numbers in the OHL. while McCann is going to have to hope that either some center spots open up through injury, or that they see him as a good option as a two way winger. I personally think it's unlikely he makes it.

There's also Cederholm and Forsling for team Sweden who are outside chances. Cederholm was invited to team Sweden's camp, while Forsling is playing top 4 minutes in the SHL as an 18 year old.

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Don't think McCann will make it but Subban has a good shot considering his hot start. It's interesting to see how the Canucks have drafted Canadians so heavily over the last few seasons and really moved away from the Swedish trend that gave us so much success.

We've still got a solid contingent of Swedes in our system.

Cederholm, Forsling, Andersson, Tommernes, and Blomstrand. Not to mention guys we added in Lack, Markstrom, and Eriksson.

The thing is, good Swedish players can be found in later rounds, or even signed as free agents. There's alot of talented players that are late bloomers, or don't grow until after their draft eligibility. Gradin can always seem to find us good picks later in the draft.

Benning also seemed to take a good mix of talent this draft. We got a players from the WHL, OHL, NCAA, KHL, and SHL.

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I think Cassels would have a better chance making team USA than team Canada. Although team USA does usually prefer college players over CHL players. But team Canada is stacked in terms of depth of players so Cassels would have to be lights out good form now til then and camp invitation if he chose to accept.

Canadians win cups!

So do Europeans.

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I don't think Mccann or Subban make it, but I hope they do.

As others have mentioned Demko is a lock for team USA and Forsling has a good chance to make the Swedish team.

WJC will be exciting this year.

Agreed. McCann and Subban are both longshots at best for team Canada.

Horvat is obviously in. He was Canada's best defensive forward last year and he leads all Canuck centres with the 56% win rate in the NHL this year. And he has played 12 pro games, including some PK time, only allowing 2 goals against (and with a plus/minus of zero). A guy who do that at the NHL level will be an achor (shutdown, PK, key defensive faceoffs) at the World Juniors. We would all like to seem him score more. Right now he looks 2C is ceiling at the NHL level and maybe 3C is where he ends up.

I am not sure about Virtanen, but Team Canada will probably like what he adds. With size, strength, speed, and toughness (along with a great shot) he can play bottom 6 at the World Junior level.

Cassels has been amazing this year. Hope Canada grabs him as he will otherwise play for the US for sure.

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