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Van-MTL (Depth Move) Van-EDM

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The MTL trade is more about depth for the club. MTL has been stockpiling D-man and getting rid of contracts that go passed this season. gilbert is on the hook for 2.8 next season and bergavin would probably like to move it and give him more flexibility to sign Ghallager and Galchenyuk.

VAN: Gilbert, Tangradi

MTL: Sanguinetti, 3rd 2016, 5th 2015

I know inter divisional Blockbusters are rare but i think this would be worth it value wise. EDM needs a shake up and rumour is Eberle is the odd man out who they are willing to trade. They need physical players and centers. Kassian brings physicality to the line-up adn a character guy to help the dressing room. Richardson is a vet center man who could be a 2nd or 3rd line center on this team. Improves their PK and bottom 6 immensely. They Also get lack who could be their #1 goalie who is signed to contract next season. This could allow the Oilers to trade Fasth or Scrivens at deadline. (Id contact CBJ and offer Fasth for Letestu, top 9 center). Also Anton Cederholm. Big crap down guy that could help this team in a couple years.

VAN: Eberle

EDM: Kassian, Richardson, Lack, Cederholm, 3rd 2015

















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LMAO 5 guys for Eberle ?


There is so much wrong here I just dont know what to think ? i mean seriously guy Kassian an Oiler ? Gilbert ? Really ?

I don't know why you're so butt-hurt over the proposal?

Eberle is a proven NHLer who is just entering his prime and is a guaranteed 30-40 goal scorrer. Kassian will be lucky to get 15 for us playing n the 3rd line. Lack sits on the Bench and Markstrom is playing his best hockey of his career and probably deserves a shot back in the NHL. Richardson is a good veteran and faceoff man for us, but nto a core piece of the franchise, however EDM could REALLY use this guy. All around were not giving up any core players and we're getting a superstar in return? How the hell is this an overpayment?

As for the Gilbert trade, He is much more reliable than Weber, and i'd rather have him playing than Weber with the Hamhuis injury.

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Bergevin is on record saying you can never have too many NHL defenceman. He's already cleared $5m off next years cap. I can't see him trading away defensive depth when they're clearly gearing up for a deep playoff run.

Other than clearing cap next season this really makes zero sense for Montreal. Interesting idea but Montreal has no real reason tI make this trade

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