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2014/15 1/4 season completed


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Give your opinions on...

The 1st quarter of the season


-what you saw/ what stood out for you

-what you've liked/disliked so far

-the refereeing


-noteworthy plays/ events

Give an overall grade on team preformance.

-what you were expecting of the team at the beginning of the season

-where you see the team at, as of now


-what do you think of the new guys

-what do you think of Millertime

-how do you view the play of the vetrans

Moving forward (short term)

-where do you see the team sitting by the allstar break

-What do you see happening with the team from now until the break (trades/moves)

(I'll leave some of my thoughts).

...I like what Ive seenthus far. With the new guys bringing some much needed and uplifting energy to the team

....... I had them graded as an A-, but as of yesterday after watching the Canucks beat down the Blackhawks I give them an A grade. TBH I was expecting being anywhere from 7-10th in the west and 4th or 5th in the pacific right now, what the team has done, has far surpassed my expectations. I know its still early in the season and there is a whole lot of hockey to be played, but it is nice to see where we sit in the standings and now we've had a sample of, the kind of team, we have infront of us. With that said, by the allstar break I see us hanging around with the top 7th or 8th teams in the league. I expect a little drop but I believe we can hang with the best of em, from what the team has shown so far.

I like the games being more exciting than I can remeber in recent memory, and the Rog last night was a beast of its own.(great job to all that attended).

I love the additions of Dorsett, Vrbata, Bonino and Miller. I love the Sbisa smash part of Sbisa's game.(like what he did to Kane last night). That was great. B)

I probably haven't answered all my own questions put forth, and have left out things but feel free to add anything I missed on or answer other issues.

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I have to say I was not optimistic going into this season. I thought it was a rebuilding year ... and it is... but the team has come together a lot faster than I'd imagined. While I thought we would struggle to even make the playoffs, it now appears we could actually go far into it. It has been a pleasant surprise so far, and a lot of good things have happened:

- Linden and Benning have done a great job finding the right pieces for the team

- WD has worked wonders with the team. He has molded a team that is hardworking, persistent, and competitive. He is committed to rolling all 4 lines so every player feels a part of the team. The team is playing an exciting brand of hockey again. There seems to be a mutual respect between WD and the players.

- in just a short time, management and the coaching staff have brought integrity and respect back to the organization

- the new players are all having a positive impact on the team's performance

- the old players are revitalized and producing again; they look like they're having fun again

So far so good. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

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I give the team a B+.

Lots of things to like about this team, and a few things that I find concerning.

My top Pros:

Linden/Benning - They added some very key assets whom are heavily contributing to the success of this team. Tough to poopoo anything theyve done. Vrbata, Bonino, Miller, and Dorsett have all been major scores.

Edler - Dont think he's getting enough respect with how he's bounced back thus far. Looks like a legit top pairing dman again.

The 4th line - All year this line has been giving us support. Its been a bit of a rotating door, but it's all about having the depth that can handle playing responsible minutes.

Burrows - So nice to see him get back to being Burr.

Coach Willie - He's got this team enjoying playing the game again. After last years debacle, that wasnt an easy task.

My top concerns:

The "3rd line" - The trio of Matthias, Richardson, and Kassian have been doing some good things, but they dont produce many scoring chances, nor do they defend effectively. 19 year old Bo Horvat is just 1 point back of both Kassian and Matthias, playing less than half the number of games, while playing fewer minutes in the games that he's played.. Would Nick Jensen be at least as good as an option as Matthias/Kassian? If so, is it time to explore making a deal in which you may be able to fetch something decent for ZK?

In game inconsistency - THis team has had some trouble getting away from other teams once they have a lead. It almost looks as though they change their game plan as they sometimes leave the door wide open for the opposition to get back into a game that theyve had control of. Theyve been able to out score this problem on many occasions, but its not a good recipe for success come the dog day of the season and playoffs.

Team Defense: With Hamhuis now out, how long can this group sustain themselves? If they should lose Bieksa, Edler, or Tanev for any significant time, they could be in a world of hurt. Miller and Lack are a part of this category. Theyve been all right, but inconsistent. They will both really have to sharpen their play game in and out as the games tighten up.

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Hold ye horses. It's only a fourth, not believing in nuffin until we get at least 1/3 into the season. Remind me after the first period of game #27 will ya? ;)

We were in the same position basically last year - forget 1/3, more like 2/3 would be better...say the All Star game?

Go Canucks GO!

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Isn't the All-star break more along the lines of 2/4?....Half way through the season?

I was thinking more of quarterly breakdown rather than breaking the season down in 3rd's.

I would like to see a trade if not, even be it minor, to help improve our D before the half way point. Then we would still have the trade deadline to improve even more if we had to, or wanted to depending on where we are in the standings and by then would have a more realistic idea of what our season expectations would be, to finish out the season.

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I'd frade this team an A so far. I expected us to be battling for wild card spot from the start to finnish with an 0.55ish record.

- I think all the signings and changes to this team has been exellent so far.

- WD has made this team exiting to watch again and has been able to light a spark in the old core as well.

- Edler, WOW! maybe he hasn't got the points to show for it but he's been a absoulute stud.

Will be really exiting to see if Horvat sticks with the big club, I think he's been great. And if he can continue to improve, he'll be centering the third line by the All star break. I would like to see Vey on the third line otherwise, I think he could do some damage with Matthias and Kassian at his wings.

I expect at least one move to be made before the deadline. Hopefully for a top-5 defenseman. Pieces that could be moved are Fox, Matthias, Lack/Markstrom and later picks. Could land us a decent 17-19 minute player.

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If this was a school and it was time for the first report card......you have to give them an A.

14 wins in 21 games is an incredible pace. If they were to somehow keep this up all season, they would win the west for sure and probably the league, 113 points. So its hard not to give them an A

I am now expecting them to be top 3 in the division end of season. I am thinking Kings, Ducks, Canucks top 3 in any order all within 5 points of each other. San Jose doesn't seem to have it this year, and they are always the ones with the fast start and cool off. I guess we will see if Calgary can keep it up too. Edmonton and Arizona are already losing ground.

I do think if we make the playoffs I would bet money first round will be LA

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