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Pat Quinn Night at Devil's Game Tomorrow?


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Might be a little premature to do this tomorrow night as they wouldn't have enough time to set up something worth while... like possibly bringing in some ex players etc.. etc

Yeah it's too bad there wasn't a few more days off before the next home game to polish something up, but no way in hell do they play tomorrow without a tribute.

It's Pat Quinn. The right people will make it happen.

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They apparently have already made a tribute video, whether or not they will use it tomorrow i'm not sure but they will definitely do something.

It's really easy to throw a good and meaningful tribute video together, and organizations like the Canucks have some experience in putting something together on the ice as well.

It won't be done half-assed. It can't be done half-assed.

If only they could skate out in the 94 Cup run jerseys; the roof would come off.

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Wonder when they'll schedule either the wake or a funeral?

He's just so beloved. I imagine there'd be many who'd want to attend to pay their respects. They might as well shut-down the whole league for a day. I realize it's a very private matter, but a man like Pat, is such an icon in this city & a legend across the NHL & in many hockey circles. He'll be lovingly remembered by so many. Go to the arena folks - if this is the only op for locals to grieve & pay our respects all together.

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