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Forbes: Most Valueable NHL Franchises 2014 - Canucks 5th


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1. Toronto Maple Leafs $1,300 mil.

2. New York Rangers $1,100 mil.

3. Montreal Canadiens $1,000 mil.

4. Chicago Blackhawks $825 mil.

5. Vancouver Canucks $800 mil.

6. Boston Bruins $750 mil.

7. Philadelphia Flyers $625 mil.

8. Los Angeles Kings $580 mil.

9. Detroit Red Wings $570 mil.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins $565 mil.

11. Washington Capitals $500 mil.

12. Edmonton Oilers $475 mil.

13. Calgary Flames $451 mil.

14. San Jose Sharks $425 mil.

15. Dallas Stars $420 mil.

16. Ottawa Senators $400 mil.

17. Minnesota Wild $370 mil.

18. Anaheim Ducks $365 mil.

19. Colorado Avalanche $360 mil.

20. Winnipeg Jets $358 mil.

21. New Jersey Devils $330 mil.

22. New York Islanders $300 mil.

23. Buffalo Sabres $288 mil.

24. Nashville Predator $250 mil.

25. St. Louis Blues $235 mil.

26. Tampa Bay Lightning $230 mil.

27. Arizona Coyotes $225 mil.

28. Carolina Hurricanes $220 mil.

29. Columbus Blue Jackets $200 mil.

30. Florida Panthers $190 mil

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Canucks are only non original six team in the top 6 franchises. That's impressive.

VAN is also the only one of the top six who have never had a former-player with very strong allegiances to their team, appointed to the DPS. And we're not going to count Matthieu Schneider, who wasn't in VAN for long & left acrimoniously,.. and he deals with equipment issues, anyway.

Yah - more regional representation on a very powerful committee like the DPS would be nice, to say the very least.

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Canucks are only non original six team in the top 6 franchises. That's impressive.

Also only one without a cup either. Not that we didn't win one in 2011, because in my heart we did. But I mean actually having their name engraved on it.

This is largely in part due to this being Vancouver's only major team (no NFL, NBA, MLB) and how rich the people here are that can dish out top $ for seats.

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Pretty odd that a team like Toronto who hasn't won the Cup since before the moon landing and recently reported by a major sporting publication as one of the losingest franchise in N.American pro sports can have the dollar value of that magnitude. Any Toronto fan would take New Jersey for example at number 21 for Stanley Cups over franchise value.

As for the Habs who have not appeared in a Stanley Cup ( 1993 ) when the Internet entered our lives continues to live off the past from the last century would surely love Boston's success in that time.

The best over all value for franchise worth and on ice success the Detroit Red Wings in my books!

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