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Sidney Crosby with his 800th career point


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I think we could see Crosby end up as the 4th best of all-time conceivably. I think it'd be hard for him to surpass Orr, Gretzky, or Lemieux in public perception but when you consider how much he dominates in a league where goaltenders, defensive systems are better and there's more and more parity in NHL players' athleticism and training regimen...it's pretty phenomenal and I think we'll better appreciate how amazing a player he is when he retires.

I'd say he's the most dynamic player since a prime Jaromir, but more well-rounded at the expense of some physical strength.

I agree completely. I can't see Crosby displacing the top 3. But he could be a solid fourth. He's like a better, stronger version of Steve Yzerman.

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Yes Congrats to Crosby. And to achieve that milestone at his age is just amazing on its own, then you look at how many games he's missed due to injurys and its even more impressive. And Crosby playing for any team in the west would put up the exact same numbers.

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