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Hanzal destroys Erik Johnson


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If Hansen can get suspended for what he did, any head contact should be suspended.

^this. After some of the suspensions I've seen our Nucks have had over recent years, this is a 100 percent for sure suspension at least 2 games. Now, that being said, I still think it was a good hit and I would love to have to have Martin Hanzal on this team. i think he in pretty underrated by the league, but it seems like at least this fan base knows what he's capable of. He's a one man wrecking crew. Perfect bottom 6 player.

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Should have had at least a phone hearing. He was gliding towards Johnson and had more than enough time to either try and lean forward to get his stick to deflect the shot or turn away from the hit or at least readjust his positioning to not deliver that big of a hit. He sees Johnson is ready to shoot once the puck is dropped, why finish your check when you know he'll be put in a vulnerable position?

lean forward to get his stick? He could but he also has the option to make a hit. This is hockey.

Turn away from the hit or not deliver the hit? Then he is not doing his job. Again this is a contact sport.

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How was this not really looked at? Player in a vulnerable position, shot well on its way to the net, borderline blindside, leads with his elbow and extends through the hit.

You can say that Johnson put himself in the position but Hanzal wasn't even looking to stop the shot

How was it not looked at? Well, Johnson put himself in that position by lowering just prior to the hit as you said and a shot only takes a split second to get to the net so it's not late. Hanzal keeps his elbow in until after contact is made, doesn't elevate unnecessarily from his original position and he hits squarely through the body to make any head contact incidental. And for the thousandth time, blindside is no longer in the language of the rule book, and even then this hit isn't that.

Just because someone's head hits someone else's elbow doesn't mean it's an elbowing penalty.

I think Hanzal really should attempt to get lower on hits like this as he's basically standing upright, but there isn't anything really illegal here. He could have ended up in a Burrows type of situation if he'd been later and Johnson had stood up more (causing him to clip the head and not hit through the body) but he got there soon after the shot. You can see his skates cut into Johnson as he makes the hit so that he makes contact through the body rather than picking the head on a fly by.

The key is he keeps his elbow next to his body and hits squarely through Johnson's body. If people understand that then it makes a difference in whether or not this is viewed as illegal.

Like the McGrattan hit upon Alberts? Anyone else happen to notice where the butt-end of Hanzal's stick went? Uh-huh.

In Hanzal's glove? That's where it went when I watch the video, since it doesn't stick out from his glove to be an issue. Hanzal's hand does follow through the push off of the arm but there's nothing really in that.

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