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(Proposal) Fixing Edmonton

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Edmonton: LW David Perron

Pittsburgh: C Brandon Sutter, RW Steve Downie

-Gives Edmonton some grit and defense in their bottom 6. Something they are sorely lacking

-Gives Pittsburgh a top 6 forward to replace Dupuis

Edmonton: RW Nail Yakupov, C Marc Arcobello, D Jeff Petry

New Jersey: C Adam Henrique, D Eric Gelinas

-Edmonton gets bigger on the back end and a good 2 way top 6 centerman

-Jersey has a very old team especially on the wing. Jagr is their #1 RW. Yakupov had a down year but he can still be an electric player

Edmonton: C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, D Andrew Ference

Winnipeg: LW Andrew Ladd, D Zach Bogosian

-Winnipeg gets a young top line C

-Edmonton gets bigger and leadership

Taylor Hall-Adam Henrique-Jordan Eberle

Andrew Ladd-Leon Draisaitl-Teddy Purcell

Benoit Pouliot-Brandon Sutter-Steve Downie

Matt Hendricks-Boyd Gordon-Jesse Joensuu

Nikita Nikitin-Justin Schultz

Eric Gelinas-Zach Bogosian

Martin Marincin-Mark Fayne

Victor Fasth

Ben Scrivens

Edmonton gets bigger, two way players. Surround the young starts with vets instead of putting them all together to suffer. Makes them tougher to play against overall.

Edmonton will still probably do bad this year so they have a chance to draft high again and replace one of the talented young players they had to give up.

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Edmonton would probably have to add a little bit more to the Pitt trade, something like a B level prospect.

The NJ trade really does seem like something that could work.

Again, I think Edmonton needs to add something to the Winnipeg trade just to be able to pry Winnipeg's captain away, but it's pretty close.

As for the Vancouver trade, if they pick up Henrique and Sutter, they don't really have a need for Gaunce, especially at the cost of Klefbom. And in any case they are losing a better player that they still have a need for. Not really sure how 8 points and a +10 rating in 9 games in the AHL as a 21 year old isn't impressive.

Overall, actually pretty decent proposals with the exception of the Vancouver trade, that ones a bit further off.

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Perron for Sutter, Downie:
I think Perron for Sutter is already pretty even, both bring different elements to the game. Edmonton prob has no interest in Downie, they need defense. Pittsburgh should through in one of Dumoulin/Harrington/Samuelsson/Bortuzzo.
Yak, Arco, Petry for Henrique, Gelinas:
I doubt New Jersey does this, they are fairly loaded in the wings (Cammy, Jagr, Ryder, Havlat, Clowe, Brunner, Ruutu, Zubrus) and have some good young prospects like Matteau and Boucher. Henrique is their best upcoming C. Also Edmonton shouldn't touch Gelinas, he's a wreck defensively, Petry would be more valuable to them.
RNH, Ference for Ladd, Bogosian
Interesting trade, but Winnipeg isn't really shopping Ladd. He's a hometown boy and their captain. If Edmonton wants someone from Winnipeg, they need to look at Kane or Byfuglien.
Boyes for 3rd:
It's whatever, but I think Florida is holding onto him, they are trying to make the playoffs. They will more likely move Fleischmann, Kopecky or Upshall.
"Fixing" Edmonton will consist of this:
Firing Eakins
Trading two of Yakupov, Eberle, Perron or Purcell.
Acquiring 2 competent defensemen (ala NYI with Boychuk/Leddy)
Acquiring a legit goaltender or a coach who plays a good defensive system.
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Totally forgot about Purcell. Lol. No need for Boyes then. Just slot Purcell in.

And NJ has wingers yes but they are old and not top line players. Yakupov is young and is projected to be a top line sniper. And Matteau is projected to be roughly the same as Henrique so that my rational.

Would switching Ladd and Bogosian for Kane and Byfuglien be equivalent? If so i still think Edm should do that trade. Not as much leadership but still bigger and better.

And ya the vancouver trade is biased cuz i want klefbom lol

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LOL guess Edmonton will give up on the 1st line center for Perron dream? With that said, Sutter and Downie are more bottom 6 material and I'm not sure Brandon is even tweener top-6 material at the moment. That 2nd C hole behind Nuge is one of the gaping holes in the lineup that they've tried unsuccessfully to fill, and Leon would probably do better on the 3rd for the remainder of the season.

I think the Jersey proposal is the most intriguing out of the group. Definitely think that with the Devils` right wings all over 30 they would be interested in replenishing the winger group with Yak. What if the deal was Yak and Arco+, two young guns, for Zajac (he could play a more defensive role and is having an off-year himself) and Gelinas, or a defensive prospect with shutdown upside?

Not sure why the Jets would want Nuge? They already have Little and Schiefele up the middle. Don`t know about how Ladd`s doing so won`t comment on that. Maybe Ference + for Bogo could work though? Jets need left D-men and Bogo isn`t living up to his potential, while Edmonton could use tougher guys like him.

Sure, for the Boyes deal.

Hall - Nuge - Ebbs
Perron - Zajac - Purcell
Pouliot - Leon - Boyes
Hendricks - Gordon - Joensuu

Nikita Nikitin-Justin Schultz

Eric Gelinas-Zach Bogosian

Martin Marincin-Mark Fayne

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Quite honestly I still think the Oilers should divest themselves of any combination of Eberle, RNH, Schultz and or or Yakupov (with whatever minor tweaking trades that large would take to facilitate these deals) for a shot at Jones from Nashville, Larsson and th 1st round pick this year from the Devils. If they end up with the MacDavid pick, trade down to 3rd ++ and still draft one of Barzal, Eichel or Hanifin.

That way they've basically purchased themselves at least 1 top 2 D man and another top 4 minimum, still drafted a potential top 2 D man or 1st line center and all at an age where the entire group is under ELC and can grow together.

This is a chance for the Oilers to stop and turn it all around. If they can bite the bullet and get rid of the bad taste that is their last 5 draft years by picking up their future D core while divesting themselves of just enough assets to not cripple the team moving forward.

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My take on your trades. I'll post what I would do and you can comment on my proposals too if you want.

Edmonton: LW David Perron

Pittsburgh: C Brandon Sutter, RW Steve Downie

My opinion: I don't see PIT doing this because center depth wins championships and Sutter is a perfect 3C behind 87 and 71. Perron only has 2 goals this year - which I'm sure would change if he played with 87 or 71, but there are better players available at the price of someone like Sutter, if they even wish to move him

Edmonton: RW Nail Yakupov, C Marc Arcobello, D Jeff Petry

New Jersey: C Adam Henrique, D Eric Gelinas

My opinion: You say below that Matteau is projected to play the same role Henrique would? Then NJD would move Matteau, not Henrique. Henrique is pretty much proven - Yakupov is still trying to figure things out in year 3 and he may never become a 1st line winger, let alone a top 6 at this point. You also place Henrique as the 1C on your hypothetical Oilers lineup, so you clearly know his value - Yakupov isn't going to cut it to get a borderline 1C, even if you add Arcobello (which you might as well not because he's not worth much anyways) and Petry and Gelinas is a wash at best (I'd say Gelinas is better than Petry)

Edmonton: C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, D Andrew Ference

Winnipeg: LW Andrew Ladd, D Zach Bogosian

My opinion: Interesting trade. I think value-wise, this is your best trade proposal. Bogosian is a young top 4 stud - RNH is a young top 6 stud. Ference is a veteran defenseman and a leader - Ladd is a veteran winger and a leader. However, I would place RNH as the only real "untouchable" so to speak for EDM because they need centers. RNH is not the problem - what is the problem is that he needs support down the middle, and there is none right now.








Victor Fasth

Ben Scrivens

For example, even with the trades you propose, Draisaitl is still your 2C. That can't happen if you want to improve this team. He has only 5 points in 23 games - that's just one more than Bo Horvat while playing 2C minutes. He is -10 and is terrible on faceoffs. Goaltending issue is also not addressed.

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If using Perron or Yakupov, I would target Artem Anisimov or Vinny Lecavalier. These are veteran centers that can provide immediate help and shelter Draisaitl. It also lessens the load on RNH to have another legit top 6 center (not Arcobello and Draisaitl - that is awful).

However, that's only a quick fix and not a real solution. To really make a trade that will move the club forward, EDM will have to part with Jordan Eberle IMO. Eberle is a legit 1RW and should get in return at least a top 6 center.

Prime targets (acquiring top 6 center using Jordan Eberle):

What EDM would look like with any of these trades:

Hall - Nugent-Hopkins - Perron

Yakupov - Acquired Center - Purcell

To CBJ - Jordan Eberle / To EDM - Boone Jenner + Oscar Dansk + conditional 2015 pick (2nd round pick if CBJ advances to Eastern Conference Semi-finals, 3rd round pick if CBJ makes the playoffs, 5th round pick if CBJ doesn't make the playoffs)

Nathan Horton will probably never play hockey again, and this leaves a serious hole in their roster on RW (Cam Atkinson and Jack Skille are their best natural RWs)
Hartnell - Johansen - Foligno
Calvert - Jenner - Atkinson
would look like with Eberle and without Jenner:
Foligno - Johansen - Eberle
Hartnell - Anisimov - Atkinson *keep in mind this is with Dubinsky out - who will push Anisimov back to 3C

To COL - Jordan Eberle + 2015 3rd or 4th round pick / To EDM - Ryan O'Reilly + Stefan Elliott

After Iginla, they lack a legit top 6 RW (Although Briere plays there now)
Landeskog - MacKinnon - Iginla
O'Reilly - Duchene - Briere
would look like with Eberle and without O'Reilly (it does create a hole on LW though):
Landeskog - MacKinnon - Eberle
Briere - Duchene - Iginla

To WSH - Jordan Eberle + 2015 4th or 5th round pick / To EDM - Marcus Johansson + Dimitry Orlov

With Ovie back on LW, they could use a legitimate 1RW as well (Wilson plays there now):
Ovechkin - Backstrom - Wilson
Johansson - Burakovsky - Brouwer

would look like with Eberle and without Johansson:

Ovechkin - Backstrom - Eberle

Kuznetsov - Burakovsky - Brouwer

All three address the immediate help needed behind RNH in the 2C position while improving the team who is trading for Eberle (at least in my opinion).

I like the CBJ trade because of Oscar Dansk - EDM need to develop their own goaltending talent, and adding him (not the greatest but at least there is potential) would go a long way

I like the COL trade because of Stefan Elliott - EDM also needs some help on defense and Elliott is on the brink

I like the WSH trade because of Dimitry Orlov - he can provide immediate help on defense when healthy

I would try to do WSH, CBJ then COL, in that order.

Obviously trading Eberle for any of these packages don't address the goaltending problems nor the defense. That will have to come in UFA market or by drafting/developing. They have Klefbom and Nurse, but they don't have the equivalent at center (other than Draisaitl). So I would start by adding a top 6 center using Eberle. Whatever holes needed to be filled can be addressed afterwards.

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