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[Trade] Eric Brewer to Ducks

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Guess they wanted to upgrade on Bryan Allen.

Figured it was a weird deal for them since they needed a rugged stay-at-home more than Rene "AHL" Bourque, although I figure he'll be a good solid depth player when the playoffs come around - especially if they are looking to make a deep run this year with Kesler in the folds.

Ducks really adding a lot of depth to match LA's in the playoffs.

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I'm so lost.

They trade Bryan Allen for Rene Bourque, who they could have had for free off waivers.

Then trade a 3rd for Brewer, who is a marginal improvement over Allen if anything.

What was the goal here?

This is what I was thinking.

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brewer might fit in well their. But im glad we gave up a 3rd for a young up and coming D with potential, over a 35yr old D with a 3.875m cap hit who is a pending ufa

we need youth coming in not picks for older rental vets, new era in vancouver now

Brewer is ready now to make the line up and the russian is years away. I think Canucks could use a Big Body Defence-men.

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