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The Capitals Blast Mortal Combat Music During Fights!

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I actually don't think that would happen. I think players are more scared off getting dinged in their pocket book than some on ice retribution from some pseudo tough guy, scrapper, police man.

Besides I don't think Keith would jeopardize his own super star career to try to end another guy. His elbow was a heat of the moment act it was not like it was premeditated.

This is a guy who makes some borderline hits when he gets angry no different than many other players who jump up, leaving their skates off the ground to hit like Kronwall, Volchenkov, Subban, Emelin etc.

If a guy fights at the very least give him 10 minutes to sit instead of five. That would be a good starting point. Players like Hamhuis have said they toned down their physical play because they didn't want to get fined or suspended.

If the NHL ever wants to be seen as a legit mainstream sport and attract new fans in the United States and get more European fans(which is one of their goals by the way) they need to stop the fighting and show and market ice hockey as a skill game with some hard hits and body contact but not bare knuckle brouhaha fighting.

These players are supposed to be role models especially NHLers. Most come from good families and are well educated and smart people.

What kind of message does fighting send to little kids who watch the game and the next generation that tries to emulate them?

Why do you think the NFL is trying to show that they are making the game safer with their kids programs and such? Registration for hockey is down because parents are scared of concussions in both sports and don't wan't to let their kids play sports that are so violent.

I suggest you and others enjoy your fights because in the next generation in 10 years they will not be around. I think we need to evolve and if you are stuck in the old generations way of thinking it is not good.

I used to like fights too, especially with big tough guys but when I finally now understood the risk and effects it is not worth it. I can't in good conscience cheer guys to fight for my own or anybody's amusement knowing the ramification it can have on their life during and after hockey mentally, physically, and emotionally.

No longer should it be on the players to protect each other and themselves by fighting. They need the referees to impose stiffer in game penalties and follow it up with harsher fines and suspensions by way of supplementary discipline after the game.

Some more respect for fellow players would greatly help too. Especially with the borderline "tripping" knee on knee hits and checks from behind.

Like I said "part of the game" is just another catch phrase to hide behind. It may be part of the "old time hockey" culture but it doesn't have to be part of the modern NHL game.

His elbow was premeditated. Daniel gave him a little nudge to the noggin shortly prior to that. Other than that though, I see where you are coming from but I definitely don't agree and don't think either of us will change our stance.

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Lol at the arrogance of this sentence - but the again who are people not to follow your 10 commands, you know what's best for everyone right?

Why do you think, that you know better then the majotiry og NHL-players? It's not like their retards...

Fighting is a part of the game - watch soccer if you dont lik the sport, it's also a really neat sport.

Its not like their retards do what? Why are we even letting hockey players have and own retards? That should be banned in the NHL.

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