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If you're not on Justins mailing list, here is the latest release to the faithful. I'd like to post more if this is not seen as too partisan. Support or criticize the Liberal positions, save them for future references or start a tall tales by Steveo thread of your own. Maybe he's not really ready to lead this country but there needs to be an alternative that is palatable to Canadians and it has to start somewhere. Grassroots is good.

We have a sacred obligation to those who serve in uniform and their families. Liberals priority is ensuring that our veterans have nothing less than the best of care and support from a grateful nation. On Tuesday, the Auditor General issued a report that serves as a shameful reminder of the Conservatives record on Canadian veterans; it provided yet more evidence that veterans cannot get timely access to the mental health services they need. Please watch Dennis and Jenifer (French) share their stories with Canadians. That Stephen Harpers priorities are not Canadians priorities was further confirmed on Wednesday, as Parliament debated the Conservative gun bill, C-42. This legislation will place Canadians safety at risk. Not only will it take the power to classify firearms out of the hands of the police and put it in the hands of politicians like Stephen Harper, but it will greatly ease restrictions on the transport of handguns and automatic weapons so that they can be freely transported anywhere from a grocery store to a soccer field to a school parking lot. We think Canadians agree this is wrong. That is why the Liberal Party of Canada cannot and will not support the bill. We will not bring back a gun registry, but we do need smart and well-crafted gun control legislation. In its current form, C-42 is neither; instead it makes Canadians less safe. As Liberals, we remain focused on building a strong team and plan for all Canadians. Thank you for your continued hope and hard work. Justin Trudeau Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
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Today it was released that the sale and transfer of the wheat board will now see it transferred to private hands, in a move that leaves no safety net in the event that the corporation taking over; cutting up and selling the entire Canadian grain and wheat economy piecemeal, thereby taking the ability of farmers to sell their wheat at market prices.

This will leave farmers at a severe disadvantage in that while in the hands of canadians; farmers got market prices, and in private hands farmers will be forced to pay what the buyers want.

The biggest fall back is that over 40 years of Canadian tax payer investment is going to put up for sale at what appears to be a rock bottom price yet again.

I do not support the golden boy. But after finding this out today, finding out that yet another essential Canadian institution that ensures Canadians get at least a fair price; was and has been promised for sale behind closed doors. The assurance Harper gave the farmers and tax payers of this country in regards to being able to purchase in and maintain standard market pricing has been a lie.

I am appalled and disgusted enough to say that even Mulcair would be a better leader in his sleep than Harper. Between him and Trudeau they couldn't do more damage to this country if they tried

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