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[Proposal] VAN-ANA

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The Canucks high-point man on defence right now is Edler and he's on pace for around 20-30 points which is pretty low compared to our previous totals on the blue line and the rest of the NHL. Our defence has been pretty physical this season with Sbisa and Stanton playing very well for us, but they aren't producing much offence. Sure, the forwards are playing out of their socks and each line is playing very well offensively, but personally I think this team needs a bit more offence from the blue line to become a more well-rounded, versatile team. Furthermore, we really don't have any young puck movers going forward.

Looking over to Anaheim, they have plenty of young, quick puck movers in Fowler, Vatanen and Lindholm. They all play an almost-identical game, although Fowler and Lindholm's games are far more well-rounded and Vatanen is a bit more riskier from what Anaheim games I've watched. Obviously they let Allen go because they trust in these young 3, plus Josh Manson's ability to play bigger minutes, but come playoff time the Ducks know they need to be bigger on the blue line to contend with the giant forwards of the West. These smaller defencemen have been exposed at times by bigger guys like those of the Sharks. They may be working well for them now, but the playoffs is a whole different game and the Ducks defence is going to need to be less free-wheeling and far more physical.

TO ANA: Ryan Stanton, Zack Kassian and a 2nd round pick OR Stanton + Jensen + 2nd

TO VAN: One of Lindholm, Fowler or Vatanen

Why Vancouver Does This: Like I said, we need offence from the blue line to be a better, more diverse team as well as the fact that this defence needs a shakeup and a young guy who will produce points for this blue line in the future. Stanton has been great but isn't logging big minutes so is expendable with Sbisa playing an identical role, and Kassian really hasn't settled into a groove since being here for a few seasons. With Virtanen, Shinkaruk and Jensen up and coming (not to mention Vey, Cassels and McCann who can play wing), Kassian would probably get pushed down to a 3rd line role anyway.

Why Anaheim Does This: They can afford to lose one of these defencemen considering they will still be left with two puck movers scoring 40-50 points. Stanton has shown he can play physically and would complement one of these puck movers very well, while Kassian or Jensen brings offence to their bottom-9 that Anaheim DESPERATELY need. They haven't been a very deep, 4 line team this season and their bottom-6 in particular have struggled to score. Obviously Anaheim love size and skill, which is what Kassian or Jensen brings.

Obviously I think Fowler is untouchable in Anaheim and Vatanen is on pace for 60 points so Lindholm may be our best bet, but quite simply this trade basically gives Anaheim more size and scoring up front while they lose scoring on the blue line (which they have enough of).

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Fowlers going nowhere and you didn't even mention Theodore

I know, I said Fowler's probably an untouchable but with Vatanen and Lindholm playing as well as they are they may be willing to move him. That's beside the point, the offer is for any one of the 3 as their value is honestly pretty much all the same.

As for Theodore, he may turn out to be a fantastic puck moving defence man but the Canucks are built to win now and in the future. Theodore has only played a handful of AHL games and isn't ready for the NHL this season and maybe not even next season (I think he needs a full year in the AHL first).

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