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this'll be a sequal to the last story i did, The Curse of Crunchy Saturn, found hya


another random game from my phone, with a couple of tweaks in the original story. i just switched (person's name to cdc usernames). in this game, we have members of cdc taking part! first come, first serve for calling dibs on your cdc guinea pigs, so choose wisely =p

you can choose up to three answers-- just choose a number(s) and post your answer(s)

there are 3 username plays on the field. limited to only one per person. it's first come, first serve =p

i need:

1. CDC username RespectYourEdlers23
2. species

3. verb ending with "ing" - slapping

4. noun - bank

5. number - 69

6. verb ending with "ing" boinking

7. noun grain elevator

8. CDC username avelanch

9. verb smoke

10. CDC username StevenStamkos

11. plural noun elves

12. nonsense word bukalukajabu

13. adjective elusive

14. adjective

15. adjective - distorted

16. animal - wooly mammoth

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RespectYourEdlers23, the Marklar, arrived at the Forest of Slapping Bank after 69 days of boinking.

RespectYourEdlers23 brought the grain elevator to the great wizard Avelanch. "Ah, the grain elevator at last! We can finally smoke all of Dark Lord StevenStamkos' elves and live in peace. But first, we must travel to StevenStamkos' fortress "Bukalukajabu." It will be an elusive and obviously must now be starving journey"

So the Marklar RespectYourEdlers23 and the great wizard Avelanch flew off in to the night, riding a distorted-winged wooly mammoth, to stop the evil StevenStamkos.

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