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Need prank ideas.


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So I am a bit of a prankster, and I have a few friends who are very gullible and fun to prank, one in particular who always has hilarious reactions to pranks, making them worth while. Sometimes my pranks are very stupid and petty, and sometimes they are well thought out and fun. A few weeks ago, I spent 4 days convincing my friend I was in Miami, and sent him a dozen pictures from my hometown, that really look nothing like Miami, but somehow he believed it.This guy is extremely gullible, and its very fun. Well, very recently during a group skype with several of my friends, we revealed yet another awesome prank to him, which is one of our best to date as there were four of us in on it, and the whole process took over a week to get a great reaction out of him. So upon him being very pissed about being pranked again, he told myself and two other friends he wants to be on our side on a prank of another friend who we get from time to time, so I told him we would love to have him on board.

Well, I came up with a brilliant concept in which I am calling "Prankception." Prankception, like the movie Inception, it will be a prank within a prank. What I want to do is get this guy on our side for a major prank of the other friend we enjoy pranking from time to time, however, instead of just pranking him, I want to pull an epic prank plot twist and get the guy who we usually prank who will be on our side. This has to be the best prank of all time.

So I have the concept as you can see, but I haven't come up with a prank where we can use a guy, then flip the prank on him and make him the main target while working with him. If anyone has a great idea, I'm open to any idea.

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Kiss him.

Plot twist > 9000


How did this guy not get called out for sexual assault yet like that creep Sam Pepper?

No way you can do that to a real "stranger" must be fake probably friends or hired actresses...

Pranksters are lame most people know the stuff they do is fake especially the touching and kissing stuff it was legit strangers would be borderline sexual assault.

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First of all... I think you really should use your firend, who you always prank, to prank everyone else.

Sounds like your buddy needs a break...

Set up the prank with everyone else... but have it seemingly go horribly wrong... have your buddy fake serious injury or police arrest or SOMETHING, so he gets a chance to get back at all the people pranking him all the time.

If you throw this guy a bone, he will stick around and be happily pranked for the foreseeable future. If he is saying "hey i want to do some pranking" and you ignore him, he may be long gone and all your friends may have to resort to pranking you.

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pretty easy since he such an idiot. Make him think he has committed a major crime or caused someone to have a heart attack or something like that.

Wait in the guys house with the guy you really want to prank. All having scary masks on or whatever. Have the guy come home with a friend the guy you want to prank has never met. Have them walk in talking about a drug deal. Then jump out on them and have the guy who the prank victim has never met pull a fake gun on him.

If he is ask risk, like obese or a mcdonalds addict, then you should go with something a little less crazy. He'll probably cry so make sure you've gotta camera set up.

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Also if you really want to prankception then have the goof in on it. He pulls a fake gun after the "drug dealer" pulls a fake gun.

Then go a level deeper and have someone pull a real gun. Get to prankception level 5 and everyones on the verge of a nervous breakdown, armed to the teeth and barricaded in different parts of the house.


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