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Alex Semin....


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People sometimes sneer at this, but Mark Staal hasn't been the same man since being beaten like a taiko drum....

Hard to imagine anybody would be after being treated like an object :lol:

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So you're saying the Hurricanes need a blast of Semin rather than a trickle?

haha, I think the hurricanes have all the Semin they can handle. Hopefully he works hard and Semin's production increases and this all blows over for the Canes.

I hope the Canes get McDavid or Eichel. Buffalo and Edmonton are horrible. Being last by circumstance should trump purposeful tanking.

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Not bad enough he stank Washington out but then moves on to Carolina and Rutherford resigns him for mega bucks. That contract alone should have been enough for Rutherford being canned. Now he is the resident genius in Pitt, go figure. Maybe Lowe will steeal him to Edmonton. :(

Imagine Yak and Semin on the same team. PLAN THE PARADE, that's too much pugnacity, testosterone and truculence for any competition to handle.


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