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To Van:

Keith Yandle

To Ari:

Alex Burrows

Zack Kassian/ 1st

Nicklas Jensen

Arizona gets 2 really good prospects and a tenacious 2nd line player and we get to fill our needs for defensive depth and the power play.

At this point, we are so deep in forwards we can let go of a few but our defense lacks another puck moving, scoring defense-man.

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Why would you trade that much for one guy?

I think, given the collective group in the back end, if we added one each of cheap puck-mover and physical, depth D-man we would be golden for the playoffs and capable of handling most teams (solid 1st pairing, solid 3rd Swiss pairing, a previously successful pairing of Juiced Hammer that maybe present question mark(s) if they don't improve, but give them time given our success). Why would you want to rock the boat by tearing the cornerstone of the second pairing in Burr, along with two solid prospects, for an offensive but defensively problematic D-man which would throw our D-man's minutes out of whack?

Remember he and Ekman-Larsson are the top minute guys in Phoenix, ahead of the other guys by nearly 3 minutes. Unless we trade a D-man out we'll have difficulty fitting him in too, and if there is still trust in Hammer we should target someone who can play on the right side since I'd say Hammer and Eddie would be the two top L.D.'s.

Edler - Tanev
Hammer - (Bieksa)
Sbisa - Weber

It's nice to envision picking up such an explosive guy as Yandle,
but the lack of balance caused by this trade is too much to handle.

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